Gladiator Glamour


Gator shoes

Hey guys! My first ever outfit details 🙂 So, lets get to it; today was wicked hot out here in Boston! Thankfully it was sunny as well ( it’s been raining like crazy! ) I got to put on my new gladiator shoes which I bought in Israel on my visit there in July. They are from Renuar ( ). The amazing flowery purse I bought from Marshall’s by Dooney and Bourke.  The leather fringe on the side of my bag was not a part of the purse, I found that in Marshall’s as well and decided to add it onto the bag to make it my own :p.  Lastly, my lightweight shades are from Carrera 🙂

So, as you can see, no fancy shmancy brand names, all affordable and super cute!

Hope you guys liked it! Please leave comments with any suggestions , questions, or just love <3