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My Morning SkinCare Routine


Hey everyone! I finally got the chance to quickly record a YouTube  video for those who have been asking about my morning skin care routine! This is my CURRENT morning skin care routine ( I say current because this routine and products tend to change over time , either for product reviewing, the seasons, or right now, allergies!)
You all may or may not know that last month I had gone to a dermatologist as I got a bad skin reaction to some preservative ingredients , and even to olive oil…patch test libby vilnereven though I was using all organic, natural, non-toxic products! This makes sense as we think of food allergies, and pollen allergies – cause is mother nature!
Andalou Naturals was a recommended brand for me to use while my skin is heeling and these were the products that work for me from them which I purchased from WholeFoods.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 7.24.59 AMScreen Shot 2016-06-03 at 7.39.43 AMeye serumMy skin still has a little reaction to it but the doctor said it will take a few weeks/month or two to finally go back to normal.

In the YouTube video I also am using my Kapuluan Coconut Oil Kapuluan

Why I use coconut oil on my face in the morning? the basic concept is this: the natural, raw, cold pressed, organic coconut oil I massage into my skin actually dissolves the oil that has hardened onto my skin overnight with impurities and/or clogged my pores. So, using coconut oil in the morning by massaging it onto my face with a little cotton swab helps cleanse my face, breakdown overnight oils, and help moisturize my oh-so-dry skin. After I washed the coconut oil off with my Andalou Naturals cleansing foam mu face is a clean slate and ready for some nutrients! What I used in this video was my Gia Minerals organic Rosehip oil, LOVE IT!Gia minerals So many benefits to using this oil on your face, you can read my Gia Minerals product reviews here and use my code ORGANICLIVING for %15 off her entire site!  If you prefer a different oil other than Rosehip, I would suggest the Apple Seed Oil from LevenRose that is also amazing!leven rose

Another alternative: Instead of the Andalou Naturals Beauty Balm with the SPF 30 is the Badger Balm zinc oxide face sunscreen with a sheer tint badgerI recently received this product from them and I absolutely love it, it smells amazing and is very sheer so the tint is almost unnoticeable and can match most skin colors. These although are not the only products I use SO… here are some other morning skin care products I currently use but did not get onto the video:

For a quick hydration mask, I absolutely LOVE the Andalou Naturals Fruit Enzyme Mask maskI leave it on for 1o minutes twice a week and it really seems to help out the dryness of my skin! I am currently testing out some organic masks that Franklin & Witman sent me and will be able to give a review soon!

For facial scrubs that also exfoliate, I have been loving the Good Medicine Beauty Lab combo of  The Sand and Ash, the two together work MAGIC! good medicine That is it for now guys! I am in the midst of testing out many products that I put on hold due to my allergic reaction and will have more product reviews coming soon. I hope you enjoy this post and the correlated YouTube video! Make sure to hit the thumbs up and subscribe 🙂



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