My Organic Skincare and Makeup Journey + Mask Recipe


This year my skin has been through hell and back.

Starting with the dramatic change from using Clinique and Neutrogena, to going all organic, natural, and toxic free face cleansing routine.

Now, you would think that by getting rid of all those toxic chemicals that I was using on my face will make it better, glowing right away, and healthy right? Same here. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. In fact, the exact opposite happened.

My face began to freak out, I had an allergic reaction after about two months into going green.

Skin Allergies Life with LibbySkin Allergies Life with LibbySkin Allergies Life with LibbyAs you can see, there are small red spots all over my cheeks, not acne marks, allergy marks, but from what if I was using all natural, safe, amazing products?! I tried to figure it all out myself, cutting out certain foods like eggs and peanuts, to only washing my face with water. No change showed on my face and because I literally was only using water on my face to wash and no lotions, it was becoming dry, and even more irritated!

I had enough, and scheduled an allergy testing appointment.

Skin Allergies Life with Libby

I began with food allergies, which specifically tested all the oils, nuts, etc. The only thing I was found sensitivity for was olive oil. OLIVE OIL guys, who would have EVER guessed this! I went home, and sure enough all the products I was using had olive oil! My shampoo, my moisturizer, and even my makeup! I immediately tossed those products to the side (even though I loved them all!). I went and bought a safe fragrance free organic shampoo and conditioner, but kept my face away from any products except rosewater spray to give my skin back some moisture. I decided this testing was not enough for me and called a dermatologist to schedule an appointment. We discovered I had dermatitis type 4. This is contact dermatitis meaning that whenever my skin gets in contact with whatever ingredient it does not like, it freaks out. She proceeded with a patch test (which is torture!) looks like this:Skin Allergies Life with LibbyThese stickers had squares of different chemicals and oils in them and I had to stay with them for three days two nights. It was really hard, itchy, uncomfortable, and did I mentions I was not allowed to shower?! In the end, it helped a ton, and here were the results: Skin Allergies Life with Libby

I am allergic to all these preservatives, Nickel, and lets not forget, olive oil! In this informative packet there were recommended brands which were all these preservatives free. I went with one called Andalou Naturals and my skin did get a bit better over the course of about 2 months yet still not back to normal: Skin Allergies Life with LibbyThose red weird spots were still there! Not as many, but still there. I was back to using water only. My skin was getting better day by day, as it was healing from all that olive oil but as I said, not back to normal. Now we get to recent changes, on my recent trips to Colombia , Peru , Argentina, and Uruguay, I used nothing to wash and no makeup. My skin was not feeling as dry for some reason because of the climate and possibly different atmosphere. Skin Allergies Life with LibbyAlthough, I felt so dirty, no exfoliation, not washing for real. My final destination was Israel, and there I decided to wash my face with honey, sugar, and lemon. This literally worked some kind of magic on my face in the beginning. It was back to normal!

But after about two weeks of using this mixture day and night, I decided to truly do some research on these ingredients rather than rely on my knowledge from past light google searching.

I realized that although all of these ingredients can be beneficial to the skin, using them twice daily is no good! In fact, it can really damage the skin! Lemon messes up your Ph Balance, plus makes your skin extra sensitive with sun exposure! Sugar is really rough on the edges, and when used twice a day does more damage to your skin cells than it does healthy exfoliating. The only ingredient that was okay to use twice a day was the honey. It is full of antioxidants and works as an antiseptic, an emollient, a preservative, its amazing for soothing, plus it  encourages the growth of new skin! No wonder my skin was looking so much like its old self.

I did some more research and found a way to still create a DIY face mask that exfoliates and tones my skin like the lemon and sugar did, but changed my daily rinsing routine to honey only. Organic, raw, pure honey is now my face wash (and I use no moisturizer, the honey provides my skin enough moisture! This may change in the winter months but for now, my skin lives simply), although twice or three times a week I play with two different masks. For the purposes of length, I will share just one mask today, and leave the other for next week 🙂

Update : my skin has fully heeled thanks to Osmia Organic Skincare line using their Sensitive skin Foaming cleanser and Moisterizer 

The Mask Ingredients (Teaspoon of each):

  • Organic Turmeric Powder (Found it under $5 in TJ Max!) – helps fight acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it reduces inflammation but also reduces oil secretion by sebaceous glands.
  • Organic Raw Honey (Whole Foods) –  Filled with antioxidants and works as an antiseptic, an emollient, a preservative, its amazing for soothing, plus it  encourages the growth of new skin.
  • Yogurt (I used Dannon today but I am trying to find a better, eco-friendly organic brand, any suggestions?) – The lactic acid in yogurt will help dissolve dead skin and tighten pores.


Apply it all over your face after you mix it all togetherdiy ORGANIC MASK LIFE WITH LIBBY

You want to be careful from staining any important clothes or belongings around you, because this mask will stain, including your face! That is why you only want to leave this mask on for about 5 minutes, then when you since off, for exfoliation affect, since off in circular motions (best in shower).

That is it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed and learned somethin’ from this long post (was tough sharing those photos of my skin but thought it will be helpful for others as some may be going through the same thing!) As of today, my skin is back to normal and happy! life with libby skin journey




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  1. I love the insight on every product that you’ve used. I’m happy that is back to normal!! You look stunning as always ;*

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