10 Non Toxic Summer Product Essentials


With Summer 2020 finally here, I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite non toxic summer product essentials. All products are from companies a know, love and trust who formulate their products with safe ingredients. Hope this list is helpful, I’ve tried to link almost all items to Amazon because personally, I prefer to make my purchases through there rather than a few different websites (also helps I have Amazon Prime and almost all of these non toxic summer products are available for it!).

1. Non Toxic Bug Spray / Bug Repellant and in Cream/Balm form

2. After Sun Care Balm and Organic Aloe

3. Baby Sunscreen , Kids Sunscreen , Organic Body Sunscreen Spray

4. Organic Hair and Scalp Sunscreen Mist

5. Organic Makeup Setting Sunscreen Spray

6. Tined SPF Face Moisturizer or Tined SPF BB Cream

7. SPF Lip Balm

8. Natural Chub Rub for your thighs!

9. Non Toxic Body Oil or Body Lotion

10. Non Toxic Lip Exfoliator and Body Exfoliator

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