6 Reasons You Need Facial Cupping In Your Skincare Routine


Why I added Facial Cupping to my skincare routine?…well, when I turned 26 I began to really be more aware of my skin and taking care of it, & upon lots of research on DIY ways to reduce fine lines, I came across facial cupping.

Facial cupping is an excellent form of non-invasive treatment that can work to minimize the effects of sun and environmental damage, and aging, it also loosens muscles and drains fluid that’s collected in the face, reducing puffiness, encourages blood flow, and sedates the nervous system (which makes it an excellent treatment for high blood pressure). The cups move fluids along lymphatic pathways, and from deeper layers of tissue to more superficial layers so toxins can be extracted. Unlike traditional cupping treatments, there are no bruises left over after facial cupping because the suction is not as strong and the cups are constantly moving. It is possible to bruise your face if you leave the suction cup in one place without moving it for too long.

You only want to practice facial cupping two or three times a week for 5 minutes each time. I personally bought this facial cupping set from Amazon for only $12.99 and they work perfectly.FacialCuppingLifewithLibby

Squeeze, suck, and move.

During facial cupping, it’s important to always keep the cups moving. That’s how you get the massaging action and prevent bruising. Before starting, you have to cleanse; I use the Dermae Anti Aging Toner
Dermae Facial Cupping

 and moisturize; I use THE GREEN BALM –

Face oils/balms are the best moisturizer to use before cupping because it allows your cups to easily move around without disconnecting from your face. You’ll want to start on the inside of the face and move outwards (Think of this as contouring for the face).

Here are 6 ways facial cupping improves the health and appearance of your skin:
1. Stimulates collagen production
2. Eliminates Puffiness
3. Enhances Glowiness
4. Reduces Fine Lines
5. Lightens Skin Imperfections
6. Shrinks Size of Pores

Need I say more?? what are you waiting for, this is so amazing, it truly calms me down too, and helps me take some time for self-care.