How Group Exercise Classes Are Better Than Solo Workout


Hi guys! Today’s blog post is all about my workout regime and how group exercise classes are better than a solo workout if you are looking to stay fit and keep your body progressing.

So as you already probably guessed it, I am a big believer of group exercising rather than attempting to work  out alone and struggle with those machines. Not that those are bad for you or anything, but for people like me who are not super machine and body form savvy, I truly prefer the classes that I am already paying for at the gym. Although, I do use two machines on days where either the class is too early for me or too late and I missed it which are the treadmill and the StairMaster.

How many times a week do I work out? During the week I like to go to the gym Monday, Tuesday, (If I could I would on Wednesday’s but I am in school from 9-9 those days! But when my semester ends I will also go those days as well), Thursday (sometimes Friday depending on how I feel) and , Saturday. Now, you’re probably thinking, 5 times a week! That’s way too much, I can’t do that… or I don’t have that much time to spend at the gym. Well let me tell you, if you want to see change, you must go at LEAST 4 times a week! Most of the day we are all sitting, working at a desk, driving, watching TV catching up on the Bachelor, so if you really think about what 4 times a week working out is compared to the entire week of sitting and eating… it’s nothing. toonvectors-16624-940

What my workouts consist of? Once I tell you this , you’ll think I am even crazier than when I told you I go 5 times a week, but after I tell you this, I’ll share with you how easy it is to do when you do it through GROUP EXERCISE.

So, on Monday’s, I spend two hours at the gym attending two group classes: Step, and then Spinning/ Cycling.

Step Class: This is an AMAZING class to take, it is a total body workout and you are moving non-stop for 45-50 minutes. You use a ‘step’ and ‘risers’ ( I like to use two risers which pumps up the intensity for your legs) This class can be a bit challenging if you have trouble with coordination and choreography but seriously, no one cares if you mess up, everything is literally drowning in sweat and trying to stay alive, and also who cares if you mess up? This isn’t a test or a performance, this is your workout time! Basically the class consists of awesome music, and using the steps following along the choreography and burning those calories. There is also always about 3-5 minutes of abs at the end of the class, you can burn up to 500 calories during this hour!

Spinning: SPINNING IS MY LIFE. I am in love with spinning, and you will be too if you just give it a try! The first week or so after you’ve attended about 3 classes that weird hurting feeling in your crotch will go away, promise! But anyways, spinning is where it’s at guys. In 45 minutes you can burn up to 400 calories or more! I love that it’s very individualized because each bike has its own intensity wheel that is controlled by you and you only. What I love even more is how much the instructor challenge and encourages you to increase the intensity wheel every class, the music is bumpin’ , everyone is huffing and grunting, working their butt’s off , so how can you NOT challenge yourself? The feeling you get after you leave this class is AMAZING, like you can conquer the world! The results? fabulous legs and  back ends, I mean, who doesn’t want that?

 Tuesday: I also spend two hours at the gym on Tuesdays taking two classes, the first is spinning (again, I told you I am a spin fanatic). And the second is called BURN. Burn is a class that is literally total body conditioning. You use weights, light and heavy, and a mat (also the wall for wall sits). You will do exercises like lunges, squats, bicep curls, dead-lifts, bridge with bench press, all sorts and kinds of ab exercises like planks, V-UP’s , starfish, burpees, bicycle, and more! Usually the instructor will write out 4 stets of 3 different exercises. This is called 3-2-1, The fist exercise is done for 3 minutes, this is usually a cardio one, the second for 2 which is usually weights, and the third is for one minute and usually for abs. LOVE IT.

Thursday: I spend one hour at the gym on Thursdays , and guess what class I take? YUP, spinning.

Friday: If I go, I do not take a class, I will get on the treadmill and run 2-3 miles depending on how I feel. I then will sometimes get on the straimaster for 10 minutes, then do a little bit of abs and call it a day.

Saturday: I will take two classes that are 30 minutes each which are Spinning, duh, and then Core which is self-explanatory, 30 minutes of straight core exercises. You literally can’t laugh or cough or sneeze after Saturdays because your abs will hate you.crunches

THE END, so, now you’re wondering how I spend two hours at the gym almost every time and how I even go to the gym 4-5 times a week? Group Classes are the answer and here are 4 reasons why you must take them as well:

MOTIVATION: Guys, when you are running by yourself on that treadmill or lifting those weights at the gym in front of the mirror by yourself, there is no one screaming at you to get lower, to do one more, to keep going right? Well you’ve got yourself but trust me, it’s not the same. You WILL be pushed to your MAX when you’re in a class because first you’ve got the instructor literally next to you telling you to kick higher, or squat lower, and second, you’ve got the rest of the class to ‘compete with’. Now I don’t literally mean compete with, but to motivate you to get as low as they are or to keep going like they are! If that older woman in her 50’s can keep going without a break, you must NOT stop.

ACCOUNTABILITY: For most of these group classes you have to sign up ahead of time, and therefore, it hold you accountable! You can’t just not go last-minute, there is a bike reserved for your bottom to be on!

MAKING FRIENDS, YAY! This is huge for me, the gym for me now is like going to hang out with my friends. They even save me my favorite bike if I’m late or prepare my weights and mat and I for them. We socialize about our days, lives, and what not. They also become an accountability aspect because when you don’t come, they text you asking um, where are you? you better not be chowing down some fries right now! And they look forward to seeing you and you them. I can really say I love my gym family.

GUIDANCE: This is key and was so important for me when I began working out a whole lot. Your form is THE most important part about working out correctly. You can injure yourself really badly if you don’t do something the right way and this is not fun. Having the instructor walk around and keep an eye on everyone’s form in the classes protects you from hurting yourself and maximizes your results because you are working your muscles correctly.

Sometimes we put off the gym because we have something to study for, a project to work on for your job, kids to take care of, or just needing to get errands done. But I urge you to take a time out, an hour or two break to take care of yourself, working out improves not only your image, but also your psychological health and your actual health! It is and should be a priority. A lot of gym’s now a days have childcare, use it!

If this is not enough to get you signing up for a class this coming week in your gym , I don’t know what is! But that is how I keep in shape and keep my body evolving for the better, well that along with my diet  which you can ready about here 🙂

I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing Sunday and a workout filled Monday !