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How to Wear a Fringe Outfit #OOTD


Hello gorgeous people! Today it’s all about the fringe with this outfit of the day look ! I’ll show you how I pulled off just the right amount of fridge without going overboard. Fringe outfit

Let’s begin with my stunners’, they are super chic looking right? I love them! I literally have a sunglass obsession. These are from ASOS and you can click the pic to shop them , woohoo! ASOS cateye sunglasses  They are super cute cat-eye shaped sunglasses with a clear frame and on the top a line of black and gold. Also very affordable ! Fringe beltNext item is the swear dress, it is from Old Navy. I secretly love shopping there because I always find some great stuff at an affordable price, and I know that the quality is good. Sweater dress [Click the pic to shop]FRINGE detailsAlright! Let’s move onto the fringes ! I bought this fringe filled vest from Marshall’s , and it is made by Steve Madden. I could not find it on the Steve Madden website, and when I googled it I found it on but it was much more expensive there than at Marshall’s. I recently got this so it should be in Marshall’s if you want to get it! But regardless, click this pic if you want to shop from Zappos website : Fringe vestfringeThat is how the vest looks like from the back by the way! ^^

The belt that I wore I had gotten with a pair of shorts from Forever21 but really any belt would work for this as long as it fits well on your hips 🙂 Fringe outfitMy bag is also from Marshall’s but & it is also a Steve Madden product. This one I did find on their site but I is more expensive to buy there than to find it in Marshall’sSteve madden fringe bag[Click pic to shop].fringe

Last but not least is my boots, they are so old guys! I got them as a birthday gift from a friend years back and I still wear them. They are from Bakers and since they are so old they do not have the same exact ones on their site. But any knee high boot will work for this look, I like to shop at DSW and UrbanOg  for my simple knee high boots.

And that’s it for this Fringe Filled look of the day ! When you want a sort of theme to your look, you never want to outdo it, so in general, 2-3 items should be theme based such as the fringe in this case, if I was to add fringe filled shoes it would have looked silly and too much. Balance is key 🙂

  I hope you like it and tag me in photos if you rock the look! 🙂

xoxo, L.V