The Best of Iceland in February


When you are traveling to Iceland in the winter, it’s best to purchase an organized group tour. Makes life so easy and you wont have to worry about expenses of renting a car (and potentially having to pay for ice damage to your windshield, not to mention car accidents – scary stuff!)

We decided to go with Guide To Iceland 4 day tour and it was the best choice we made! We were able to see so much of Iceland and learn a ton about the history from our tour guides. Granted, even though we hunted for the northern lights for hours, the weather was just not in our favor, so we will definitely be coming back! But the trip overall was simply magnificent!

We were able to visit the Blue Lagoon, Seljalandfoss Waterfall, Ice Cave, Diamond Beach, Black Sand Beach, Jokulsarlon Glaciers, Icelandic Horses, and more (VLOG AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

The hotels we stayed at were the Alda Hotel (breakfast was included) and the last night that was not with our Guide was with the Foss Hotel Reykjavik, breakfast was also included (you’ve GOT to try the Iceland croissants – they are unbelievable).

Food wise, Iceland is beyond expensive so having the breakfast included was really handy, we also brought bars and snacks with us everyday during the trips for snacking because the bus rides from place to place are long. Bring a water bottle to fill up during breakfast too. The sandwiches at gas stations are actually pretty bomb, one day we were too late to a restaurant and it was the only one around town so we were forced to eat dinner from the gas station and we were pleasantly surprised 🙂

One place we suggest eating in Reykjavik that is very close to the Alda Hotel is HLEMMUR MATHOLL, its a big indoor food hall with different types of foods. One corner there’s pizza, in the middle theres a bar, theres Mexican, and it’s all reasonably priced!

Some things you do NOT want to miss out on in Iceland are:
Ice caves (You get to ride the super jeeps and walk on ice! such an unbelievable experience) , Diamond Beach, Black Sand Beach, Stopping to pet the Icelandic Horses, and visiting the Blue Lagoon. We also wished we had the time to go snow mobiling we we’ve heard it is an amazing experience.

Blue Lagoon: if you have the option when buying your ticket to upgrade to the Premium Spa Package, its totally worth it! You’ll be provided with a robe, flip flops to keep, and an extra towel. If you don’t upgrade prior you wont have the option to once you’re there, and you’ll need to pack towels and flip flops with you to Iceland – that’s extra weight you don’t want!

When you’re there, don’t miss out on the mask bar and drink bar, with the premium package you receive 1 free drink each at the swim up bar as well as in the Lava restaurant (We decided to skip eating there). At the swim up mask bar, only premium packages gets you both masks, if you don’t have premium you only receive the 1 (first) free mask. Trust me, the second mask is where it’s at! You want it, your skin will thank me!

Locker space for your suitcases/bags: we went to the blue lagoon our last day prior to the airport, so we had all our luggage with us, each suitcase costs 5 dollars to stow away, and for your backpacks, it’s free, each person get’s one inside the locker room.

Bring an inflatable traveling neck pillow, those bus rides are long + you will want to nap – we wish we brought them, our necks would have thanked us.

Northern Lights – Don’t be sad if you don’t catch them, the trip is still extraordinary without them!

WIFI: Our buses all had great WIFI connection 🙂

What to pack for Iceland in February (all about layering!)

Waterproof jackets
Rain ponchos
Hand and feet warmers Gloves / hats / scarves
Winter coats
Waterproof shoes
Warm socks
Thermal shirts and bottoms
Snow / ski pants (make sure these are waterproof!)
Outlet converters/adaptors , portable Chargers , GoPro , cameras
Fleece jackets/sweaters
Food/snacks + Reusable water bottle

*during ice cave day we were soaked by the end of it, feet included, so you just want to make sure everything is waterproof!

Here is our vlog from the trip: