Carry-on essentials Libby Vilner

Carry-On Flight Essentials


As our trip comes up in just 6 days, I am putting together and organizing my suitcases and carry-on bag. I do travel quite often and felt like I could provide you with some travel tips and essentials.

Carrying yourself around the comfiest way possible

  1. No jeans – Jeans are not meant to fly in, they are simply not comfortable enough for a long, seated, limited spaced, flight! I love wearing either leggings or yoga pants. My favorite brand for those is Loft!
  2. No wired bra – Wearing a regular wired bra is uncomfortable as it is on a daily basis, why torture yourself on a long flight wearing on of those? Put on a sports bra and call it a day! Also make sure it is not one that is too tight, a yoga sports bra works best, soft material and a light hug around your ribs. Those running sports bra’s are truly meant to hold your goodies for running and can get too tight and sometimes uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time as well.
  3. No shoes that are hard to put on and take off (this helps with both security check points and during the flight when you want to use the bathroom) – I love wearing my sneakers Nike sneakers, I have a few pairs that i never need to untie to put on or take off, simply just slip them on my feet. It makes life so much easier! Not to mention, airports now a-days are so big and sometimes you end up walking more than 2 miles if you have a connection, so sticking to comfy sneakers is always a good idea.
  4. Layers are essential – It gets so cold on flights! I tend to wear a tank top, long sleeve shirt on top of it, and a hoodie over that (I am anemic and get cold super easy!)
  5. No makeup – Makeup clogs your pores, and causes breakouts when worn for too long. Skip the makeup and only apply some moisturizer onto your face on flight days. The air in the airplane gets super dry, so staying hydrated and moisturizer is essential. If you really cannot go without makeup, try to limit it to only mascara, and some brows.

Libby Vilner carry-on tips

Inside the carry-on bag

  1. Blanket & pillow case – You never know if the airplane will provide you with blankets, it’s always a good idea to bring a small one with you if you tend to get cold. I take pillow cases with me everywhere I travel to. I personally can just never trust the cleanliness of pillow-cases that did not go through my laundry. My skin is also super sensitive on my face and using my own pillow case that I washed with my special detergent is a safer option.
  2. Extra socks – My feet get so cold once I take my sneakers off, I always use the extra socks in my carry-on to layer up and stay warm.
  3. Neck pillow
  4. Camera(s), chords, wallet – These are essential to keep with you as the suitcases you send may get lost, or get delayed and you do not want to get stuck with no wallet, or a dead cell phone.
  5. Ear plugs – you never know a baby’s agenda and if you are trying to sleep during the flight, these are a must in your carry-on.
  6. Eye mask – I like the Yumi Kim one.
  7. Sanitizing wipes – to wipe down the tray and arm rests, I like the EO ones and they have little travel packets that are perfect for flights. This brand is environmentally safe, not tested on animals, and uses pure organic essential oils.
  8. Snacks – I like the Ona cookies which are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. They are certified Paleo and have a few flavors.
  9. Moisturizer and face mist – As I mentioned above, airplane air gets very dry, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated with lotions. I like to bring along the little tester packets from 100% Pure and my Kali rosewater spray.
  10. Headphones – I always find that the headphones the airplane providers are not comfortable, bring your own, trust me.
  11. Bring a small toothbrush and toothpaste, if it’s a long flight and you’ve fallen asleep, you WILL need this.

Carry-on essentials Libby Vilner



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