OY-L Natural Skincare Review

OY-L Natural Skincare Review


Ever since I turned 26, my skin started to change. At first, I thought it was allergic reactions and I went to the dermatologist to get tested. It turned out that yes, I was allergic to Nickel and heavy metals. At the time I had just moved into a new apartment that had very old pipes, and so the water was contaminated with loads of heavy metals.

Once I moved out and into a newer building, my allergic reactions did fade, yet there was still something off about my skin. Red flares on my cheeks, that were dry. I went to the dermatologist again and they said I had rosacea. Sadly, there is no actual cure for this just changing little things in my daily routine to make the flare-ups more manageable and using the right products.

The last year or so I’ve been testing out many products that are made to help people who suffer from rosacea. One company I’ve been testing out the last month is OY-L.

The face wash and the face cream helped with the dryness of my rosacea along with the face mist during the day.


My routine while testing these products out started off in the mornings using just the face mist & a reusable cotton pad to clean off the skincare products from the night before and dust/dirt from the night of sleep.


The mist is a blend of ingredients that will hydrate your skin but also give it an awakening. Filled with only 8 ingredients, the aloe juice, rose hydrosol, prickly pear oil and lavender oil are my favorite.

I followed up with the crystal eye serum, face cream and lip balm to lock in the moisture for the day.


The crystal eye serum is a combination of cucumber and watermelon (2 of my favorite snacks!), both super hydrating and have age-defying antioxidants. It also contains coffee essential oil that generate blood circulation and awaken your skin amongst other ingredients such as vitamin E, tremella-infused oil and more (8 ingredients total- keeping it powerful, yet clean).

The face cream is one of my favorites in her line alongside the lip-balm. They are BEYOND hydrating and have the best feeling on the skin. With 17 clean and nourishing ingredients, this mousse-like face cream was a game changer for my rosacea. It really locked in the moisture and stayed that way all day. It is filled with sweet almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, vitamine E, and more.

The OY-L lip balm is now ALWAYS in my purse, I cannot live without it. It has a velvety-feel on the lips that I am obsessed with and is one of the only lip-balms that actually repairs my lips when they are chapped. It has only 5 ingredients: Castor oil, manuka 20+ honey, vitamin E, beeswax, and a mix of essential oils. It also now comes in a lipgloss-like container so you do not need to use your fingers to apply.


At night, I would wash my face with the a mix of the cleansing powder and the face wash.


The cleansing powder was to help exfoliate while the face wash cleansed. With 10 ingredients such as manuka honey and grapeseed oil, the face wash not only cleansed but also nurtured my rosacea with moisture. It is a very thick texture and does not foam so I do suggest adding in the cleansing powder for that extra fresh feel.

The cleansing powder has 8 ingredients which help increase cell turnaround such as honey powder, pink himalayan salt, vitamin C, and strawberry powder fruit extract.

Lastly, one a week during this testing month I used the exfoliating manuka mask.


This mask has restorative and healing benefits from it’s 13 clean ingredients such as the Manuka 20+honey, rosehip oil, and blueberry & cranberry seeds. I found it to be also very relaxing.
* (Tip: try to keep the layer of the mask thin on the skin as it does drip and can get messy).

I hope this helps those out there looking for products to help with their rosacea, or that need extra hydration/moisture in their skin! Definitely give OY-L products a try!