Did you know that 80% of the ingredients in our products (makeup, skincare, etc.) are absorbed into our bodies and then into our bloodstreams?

Therefore, those ingredients should not be toxic, because when they are, they will hurt your reproductive system, and disrupt so much more! 

Let’s take a look at if Bobbi Brown is toxic;

We all know of Bobbi Brown, but did you know just how toxic their products are? Let’s start with the Bobbi Brown Foundation, here are just a few of it’s toxic ingredients:

❌Talc: this ingredient is used in cosmetics as an absorbent, anti-caking and bulking. Generates respiratory and skin irritation. Carcinogenic. Has an FDA warning.

❌Octinoxate: This ingredient has been nominated to the Toxicology program in 2006 and is a known endocrine disrupter, is a possible carcinogenic, and generates organ system toxicity.

❌Butyl Paraben : preservatives that is toxic to reproduction , is a hormone disruptor , and carcinogenic!

❌Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate: this ingredient has been nominated to the National Toxicology program in 2006! It is used in cosmetics as a UVB radiant protection, but it is known to be an endocrine disrupter which effects body functioning such as development, brain, and metabolism.

Please , stop using these horrible products all over your precious faces Instead, swap them to any of these listed here.


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