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  Hello my green beauties ?? Happy Christmas Eve ? 

✨About two weeks ago I received from my first ever eyelash serum enhancer. And what better serum than an all organic/ natural / toxic free one by Nuva Lash  ?? 

✨This all natural eyelash enhancement serum is packed with oils and extracts to naturally help your lashes get to their full growth potential. Some oils they use include seed oil and sweet almond oil, they also use watercress extract, honey extract, and aloe leaf juice? 

✨ My lashes were already naturally long, so I was honestly not expecting to see that much change in them. Little did I know , these lash babies have been thirsty for some NuvaLash ? my results are amazing ‼️ And I am not even done with my NuvaLash bottle ? check it out :(I am not wearing ANY makeup in either of these four photos and they were taken two weeks apart.) 

?? INSANITY right ❓❓❓❓  

  those are my lashes now ?? 

✨ I felt the most dramatic change I saw was in the outer lashes , I barely had any and now the lashes there are full and curvy and amazingggggg ! 

✨After I take a shower and they are wet, it literally looks like I have mascara on because the water will dense them up a bit so it gives off the illusion, but I find myself staring and touching them every time making sure it’s not too good to be true , testing to see if I can rub my eyes and no lashes fall off, and it’s not too good to be true. It is my lashes new reality. I now have insanely long, luscious, natural lashes and I am obsessed. 

✨ I also have been using it on a small ‘bald’ spot in my eyebrows and I’m sad I did not take a before and after photo because holly macaroni, it’s filling up ???? I have been covering that spot with eyebrow filler for years and now I am seeing hairs growing there ‼️ seriously, magic. 

✨ Wanna give this magic in a bottle natural eyelash/eyebrow enhancing serum a try ❓ I’ve got your back with a coupon code that will save you 15% off?? enter: LIBBY at checkout ? ??NuvaLash

I PROMISE you will NOT regret this purchase. ?

Xoxo ?