Did you know that 80% of the ingredients in our products (makeup, skincare, etc.) are absorbed into our bodies and then into our bloodstreams?

Therefore, those ingredients should not be toxic, because when they are, they will hurt your reproductive system, and disrupt so much more!

Before switching my products to be all non-toxic, I used to use these brands such as Vaseline, Nivea, and Johnson’s.

Truth is: after digging into their ingredient lists, almost all of their products have such harmful ingredients that you all should be aware of! Their marketing claims to be doctor approved, hypoallergenic, but this does not mean healthy!

Here are some of the toxic ingredients inside of Johnson’s body lotion:

Fragrance : did you know that about 3000 fragrance ingredients is added to most of the personal care products! Fragrance is known to be a hormone disruptor and causes allergy and it is actually not required by law for companies to disclose the specific ingredients used to produce these fragrances. It causes hair loss, weight gain, acne, mods swings and more.

Parabens: these are preservatives that are always a red flag and should be avoided! They are linked to hormone disruptors, tumor formulations, even reproduction toxicity

Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate: This ingredient is a synthetic skin conditioning agent that may be contaminated with carcinogens. It’s also a penetration enhancer which means it will give easier access for all those other toxic chemicals to deeply penetrate into your skin

DMDH Hydantion: considered a Group1 Carcinogenic. Preservatives, it triggers eczema, and causes allergy! Voted allergen of the year by The Dermatologist Journal in 2015?

What to swap for instead? Check out my blog post here for a massive list of my favorite clean beauty, non-toxic brands.