What Is A Wallet Feminist?


Empowering other women has always been something I strive to live by. One of my favorite quotes is: “Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world it was crooked.”

One way I practice this is by using my platform to shine the light on companies that share the same values. One of which is a company called Dough.

Dough makes it wicked easy to shop some of the best products from woman-owned brands. Everyday at 11AM (to be exact) you exclusively discover a new product AND get exclusive Dough pricing (okuuurrrr!)

Their collective shopping power gives female-entrepreneurs the ‘dough’ they need to grow (get it? ?) This is everything!

Here little insight into just a few of their woman-owned brands that I was lucky enough to discover including:
Golde, Feather & Bone, Weezie Towels, Blume, Hint & Dagne Dover

In all seriousness – if everyone in the US spent $20 a month at a woman owned business, we’d drive nearly five billion dollars towards female led companies monthly! ?

When you shop Dough’s women-owned products you invest in helping change the following:

  1. The Capital Gap. Women receive less than 3% of venture capital. The capital gap widens for women of color. Of all venture capital raised in in the past decade latinx women-led startups raised 0.32% and black women raised 0.0006%
  2. The C-Suite. Fewer women helm Fortune 500 brands than CEO’s named John. Women influence 80% of consumer spending yet represent only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs
  3. Equity. Women represent less than 10% of decision-makers in venture capital. Venture capital firms with female partners are three times more likely to invest in companies with a woman CEO.

So, the next time you are shopping, simply join Dough and become a Wallet Feminist! ?