My WELL Summit Experience-2016


Back in late October, I got the chance to attend The W.E.L.L Summit 2016′ as their Brand Ambassador, today’s post will be the recap of my experience during these two days of the summit.

First of all, huge thanks and shout out to the Creative Director of The WELL Summit, Gianne Doherty for allowing me to be a part of this experience, and most of all, for giving me the opportunity to meet my Tribe! #YourVibeAttractsYourTribe.  She is so incredible, down to earth, humble, has an extraordinary imagination, a passion for wellness, empowerment, learning, & luxury (AKA, W.E.L.L). Not only is she a #GIRLBOSS due to the WELL Summit, but she also is the Co-Founder of Organic Bath, which produces luxurious, organic, fair-trade, bath and beauty products… I mean..Incredible and inspiring woman!
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

The first day began with a VIP breakfast hosted by Dig Inn, my fave! 
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

Alongside Dig Inn, Steaz cactus water was the drink of choice, and I was super happy about it because it’s amazingly delicious and so beneficial for you! My personal favorite is the Cucumber and Green Tea flavor!W.E.L.L Summit X Libby VilnerJust chatting it up with Dig Inn peeps planning my next visit to their restaurant in Boston!
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

PS: During breakfast we each had a goodie bad waiting on our seats, and can I just say.. AMAZING! So many good products were in the bag! Some of them were Banza Rotini chipea pasta, Healthy Human bottle, KPS face cream, Rishi tea, Meow Meow Tweet deodorant, Dr. Bright toothpaste samples, Life Ice snacks, and more such as these goodies from EcoVida Beauty online shop: WELL Summit x Libby Vilner

Did I also forget to mention we got these awesome notebooks to take notes in!?WELL Summit x Libby Vilner

Next up was going to the Panel room, where we got to listen and take notes from the very best! But before I get into my favorite panels, check out this gorgeous room we were in! Decor-inspo for sure!
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

Chatting it up with Jennifer Hanway waiting for the first speaker to begin! Each person got a Boxed Water on their seat too!
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

WELL Summit x Libby Vilner
My first favorite panel: The CLEAN BEAUTY PANEL!  
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

All of these ladies were so knowledgable, inspirational, and genuine! One by one, I furiously took notes as they spoke. Candice Kumai, Alba Ramos, Brandie Gilliam of Thoughtfully Magazine, Siobhan O’Connor, and Tara Foley of Follain, thank you for such a great panel to listen to, and thank you for making a difference!

Next favorite, was the Fair Trade Panel!
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

These three women were so powerful to listen to, and all of them so accomplished, yet still working hard to achieve more for the greater good of everyone! Touching people’s lives in ways I could only hope to, helping around the country, and helping spread awareness, standing for a cause and being strong yet humble. Brandie Gilliam, Meika Hollende of Sustain, and Margot Lyons of Coyuchi, thank you for sharing your wisdom, and purpose! I learned so much about why fair-trade is so important, and what impacts it has on the world.

Next favorite speaker was Dr. Drew Ramsey, MD!
W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

With his new book out, Eat Complete, and his personal experience and education of medicine, and food, he blew my mind away! As a current student of social work, and clinical psychology, his connection of the brain and our diet in relation to our physical and mental health was a breath of fresh air to hear! I wrote down so many things in my notebook from his speech which I will share more of in a different post with hopefully a Q+A from the expert himself! As soon as he finished, I went to have a quick chat with the Doc.!

W.E.L.L Summit X Libby VilnerAnd not to mention, I ran to buy his most recent book and cannot wait to get cookin’! You can get your copy HERE.

Although I did not catch it on camera or video, the first night and next day were spectacular! The first night ended with tea time at the hotel suite, along with some Josh Rosebrook face masks! We had so much fun, eating on healthy organic snacks, drinking on some Rishi tea, and chatting up about our day so far!Well Summit Libby VilnerWell Summit Libby Vilner THOUGHTFULLY MAGAZINEWell Summit Libby Vilner

Shop the look: Bottoms – Zara, Watch- Danielle Wellington, Top- H&M

Also, can I just say how organized The WELL Summit event was and how easy it was to register/sign up for the sessions for the next day! WELL SUMMIT X LIBBY VILNER

Before End of Day: SHOPPING!


The Second Day

It was amazing, and a little more intimate. Instead of listening to panels speak, we got to sign up for smaller group sessions with the people whom we want to hear more of, who inspire us, and who we want to learn from! The line up of options was out of this world and it was really hard to pick! Sadly, we had to leave a bit early the second day so I only got three sessions in.

Trash Is For Tossers, Lauren Singer, Founder of The Simply Co. Lauren Singer X Libby VilnerYou guys, she is SO INSPIRING!

I remember I watched a video with her one day talking about having no trash can at home and shared it onto my Facebook thinking “I’d love to be able to do that one day, I wonder how she does it.” And after getting the chance to meet her, and chat, and ask a billion questions, I realized how simple it really is to do that, but how much effort and desire you must have to do so. My favorite quote of hers

“Being looked at as weird is the best thing ever, because it gives you a chance to show others something different, and sometimes can create opportunities to share why you are doing that ‘weird thing’, and share your knowledge.”

Advocating and spreading the word but not spreading yourself too thin was something I admired about what she was speaking to. That we all start somewhere, and whatever place you start, however small you start (making changes to live zero waste) is good. It is easy to get wrapped up into trying to get everyone else around you to change as well, but that is just unrealistic sometimes. Sometimes all people need is seeing you being weird pulling out your reusable utensils in a restaurant, or taking your leftovers with you to compost, for the to realize it is okay to be weird.

Once I got back home after The WELL Summit..

I made my own toothpaste, bought a ton of glass jars, researched places to compost, and completely stopped using paper towels. I am also trying to buy food that is not wrapped in plastic, and shopping at local food markets bringing my own bags everywhere (did you know you get discounts when you bring your own bag?)! These are small change that will help me make more and more changes to living a zero waste lifestyle, and I thank Lauren for that, and The WELL Summit. I will also be shopping more consciously from now on, and feeding my brain the right way.

I also got to sit in on a photography class with  Kristen Kellogg which we learned about flat-lays and lighting. It was a blast with hands-on fun. Well summit x Libby Vilner Well summit x Libby Vilner

And lastly, I sat in on a session with Sun Kiss Alba where she gave us two DIY at hope beauty recipes that are organic and non-toxic!

After attending such an event filled with so much knowledge, innovation, and good vibes,  I am feeling so grateful, empowered, supported, inspired, and motivated right now, and I cannot wait to take what I’ve learned and implement it into my lifestyle, share with others, and keep in touch with my tribe from The WELL Summit!

PS: Sign up HERE to find out when and where the next WELL Summit is taking place!LIBBY VINER WELL SUMMIT

W.E.L.L Summit X Libby Vilner

Here is a short vlog from day 1 of the Summit! Enjoy!