Telula Juice Life with Libby

Why You Should Drink Telula


Lately, I have been so busy that I just do not have time to prep and put together my juices.

I am constantly on the go, and so I have been researching which juices I should be drinking, because many juices have added sugar, along with artificial ingredients. And let’s keep it real guys, the 100% Naked juices, are nothing but 100% bad for you. I came across Telula and did my digging into the ingredients that they use in their cold-pressed juices.
Telula Juice Life with Libby

Let me share with you my conclusion: Telula passed my test and instantly became my favorite  juices. Telula has 10 fruit and vegetable cold-pressed juices, and 4 of them have chia in them. I tried 3 flavors and fell in love. The Green Zing is my number one choice, Melon Mint is my second, and Blackberry Chia is my 3rd favorite out of flavors I tried so far. I love how easy it is to see which fruits and veggies go into each juice, as there’s a breakdown of the exact amount of ingredients on the label. Transparency is key and they have it! Let me share a little more about Telula.
Telula Juice Life with Libby

10 blends!?!? Yup. Telula and Life with Libby Telula and Life with Libby


“Telula juices come from pure, organic, not-from-concentrate fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed and free of GMOs, toxic pesticides, additives, preservatives, added sugar, and fancy quasi-scientific mumbo-jumbo. Just farm to bottle organic goodness. That’s it!” –Telula

Telula juices are also shelf-stable, so until they are opened, they can be stored outside of the fridge until opened. Talk about saving fridge space!

Not only that, but Telula comes in 14 oz and 32 oz bottles, and the 14 oz bottle is perfect for your purse/bag, because everyone wants to enjoy the juices both on the go, and for breakfast or lunch at home! Their juices come in glass bottles (which I love because I always keep glass anything and reuse it! LESS TRASH PEOPLE!)

Check the juice aisle at Whole Foods, Publix, Walmart, and Kroger stores for Telula, or order from Visit their website to find a store near you.

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