How To Stay Healthy On The 4th of July


The big holiday that consists of fun, fireworks, friends, family, a day off, and lots of food and drinks is here!

4th of July weekend celebrations begin tomorrow!

I don’t know about you, but I always find it so hard to maintain my healthy eating habits during this holiday, so I’ve done some ‘research’ through our friends Pinterest + Google, and narrowed down a few alternative healthy 4th of July options for you guys to make for your guests, or to bring with you wherever you go because everyone will enjoy these!

1. First , the meat!

I personally do not eat red meat, the only meat I eat is chicken, and the best chicken recipe for a 4th of July BBQ I found from Our best Bites ! This recipe is for chicken and veggie skewers, and the only ingredient you need is a homemade Italian dressing.  This recipe is wicked healthy, super yummy, and easy to make! Fun part is if you make enough dressing you can use it again the next day and the next day, just store it in the fridge 🙂 I always prefer to rule out any bread during the 4th of July BBQ’S , it makes me bloated, brings my energy down, and simply a waste of calories! Try and go for the skewers when you can!

If you are vegetarian, simply rule out the chicken and stick to the veggies only! There is another recipe here that is only veggie skewers but seasoned Moroccan style! love it too! (Fun fact, my grandmother is from Morocco!) Here are the end results + recipe with the  instructions (photos from their website): Italian dressing recipe recipe for dressingchicken and veggie skewers recipe for skewersI actually would also add sweet potatoes not some of those skewers! As well as make some separate potato skewers to lay on the grill with different colored potatoes!

2.  With healthy meat and veggie skewers we need some healthy 4th of July drinks!

Another fun fact about me, I have never drank a beer before! I tasted my first bear two years ago at a local beer brewery, but I guess my taste buds simply do not agree with the taste of beer, and I am completely okay with that. I rarely consume alcohol either as I only enjoy sweet drinks, my option are always limited to white wine, mostly moscato, or a mojito! (Jeesh, I am one picky lady!)

I have two drink recipes to share with you guys, one is alcohol free, and one contains a little kick! The alcohol free one is a recipe I learned from Casey of Karmic Wellness (Read my interview with her here). She made this drink for a blogger event I attended with W.E.L.L Boston and I fell in love! It is so refreshing and good for your health! Here are photos from her website of the finished product and the ingredients with the recipe instructions: KARMIC WELLNESS LEMONADE KARMIC WELLNESS RECIPE(PS: If you do not want to go and buy these essential oils, this recipe still tastes amazing without them and still has health benefits! Feel free to add some coconut sugar if the honey doesn’t make it sweet enough for you! I also think adding some mint leaves inside or some lemon balm leaves enhances the taste even more!)RECIPE KARMIC WELLNESS

Although if you’re trying to stay in the red white and blue theme, here a recipe  from Tina of Just Putzing Around the Kitchen blog that is the perfect healthy 4th of July drink: 4th of july healthy 4th of july healthy

The second drink that has a little alcoholic kick to it is this red white and blue sangria from Lorl of Recipe GirlSangriasangria

3. Almost forgot the salad!

When I hear the words salad, two kinds come to mind: a veggie based salad and a fruit based salad. The best BBQ salad for me is one that includes quinoa from It’s Yummy blog (Recipe by Chef Becca Heflin)quinoa salad quinoa healthy 4th of july healthy 4th of july

4. Healthy 4th of July dessert anyone?

This fruit salad is the perfect healthy 4th of July dessert made by Sarah of Whole and Heavenly Ovenhealthy 4th of july fruit saladfruit bowl

Another fun dessert that is super healthy for 4th of July? These red, white, and blue yogurt popsicles from Sue of The View from Great Island :popsicle  How amazing do those look!? and the best part, NO artificial coloring! Here are the ingredients and instructions: (Click the pics to head to the actual page for further instructions and tips!) popsicles healthy 4th ofjuly healthy 4th of july healthy 4th of july

That’s some of my favorites for a healthy 4th of July!

I hope you guys enjoy this weekend! Be safe, have fun, stay healthy! If you re-create some of these make sure to snap a pic and share on Instagram, tag me so I can see! 🙂






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