5 Perfect Gift Ideas For Him This Valentines Day


Valentines day is around the corner, and that also means – PANIC ATTACK! Because the question still lingers… what in the world do I get him?!

Thou shall not fret, I have got a few perfect gift idea’s for you, some on the more expensive side, some on the more affordable side, all pretty damn amazing 🙂 Here are my Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him List:

  1. Does you boo thang travel a lot for work? Do you both have lots of getaway weddings to go to this coming wedding seasons? Here is the ultimate weekender bag (<–that link has a list of a bunch of different styles and prices for you) gift for your man to make his life way easier, and super stylish!  I got my boyfriend one last year from Hook and Albert and he loves it! (Also, Valentines Day for us is also our anniversary so we always go a little overboard with spoiling each other  :p ) 

2. A little more sentimental but very practical, I got my boyfriend this about 2 years ago and he uses it every night. A personalized dock station! He chose to put his on the nightstand table and he loves it because that way things never get lost, he always knows if he has everything off of the dock he isn’t missing anything when he leaves the house. I personalized it from Etsy with his initials engraved onto it but you can do anything you wish 🙂

 3.   If your man loves to have his boys nights playing cards or poker and someone else is always bringing the gear, I’d get him his own! My boyfriend already had a poker set, but I added the cherry on top and bought him an automatic card shuffler! He and his friends all love it! Make’s it so much easier for them, and not to mention, such an affordable gift!

4. About 3 years ago I got my boyfriend a gift he uses every day until now! His Samsung Smartwatch! The cute thing about it is that I set the screen saver to be an image of us two 🙂 Whenever he checks the time, a text, anything, he first sees us! It is a bit pricier but totally worth it for the fact that he wears it everyday and it’s been years! I chose the Samsung rather than the Apple Watch because he has a Samsung phone and just loves that tech better, but choose whatever you think suits your man best!

5. Last but not least, if you want to get your man something non-materialistic, which I am also so into! I usually get both, one physical gift for him and one adventure for us both to do on the actual day of. Fort this, I love GROUPON! Anything from couple cooking classes together, to go watch a comedy show together, or a couples massage is perfect!


Well, that’s about it for this years’ Valentines Day Idea’s , hope these help and if you took the advice let me know how it went! I also am a total fan of just making your man some dinner (or cooking the dinner together!), indulging in each other’s presence, and just spending the night together indoors, no gifts, no plans. That should always be enough to make you two happy <3