Unique Mother’s Day Gifts


Hello everyone! I hope your Monday is going well so far! So, today I was inspired by the upcoming Mother’s day to share some of the past few of the unique gifts I gave to my mother to maybe help and inspire you guys to give her something different this year! mom

One of the things I love about these special days is being able to come up with a gift that is unique and specialized to the person whom you are giving it to. Even if this means spending way less than you think is okay, the amount of time and effort and thought you put into the gift is more valuable than what any amount of dollar bills can buy! Here are three unique Mother’s Day gifts that I’ve done and that my mom absolutely loved and appreciated. IMG_5295

  1. A photo album, but not just a regular photo filled album, a DIY one, with comments, written in memories, and thank you’s. Buy a photo album, any kind you’d like, print out photos of you and your mom, your family, your mom only, any photo’s you have which truly captured memorable moments for you. I personally went back in time, and made the album a sort of timeline, printed old photos to recent ones. I picked moments that were captured when she was by my side, for example birthdays, graduations, dance performances, etc. which I thanked her for always being my #1 support system, my rock, and my guiding hand. (These thanks I wrote out in different colored sharpies somewhere near the photo). I picked photos of her where  I saw happiness inside her and mentioned that she taught me how not let go of my excitement and joy for the little things in life, to not allow my inner child to subside when life hands me responsibilities and stress. I picked photos of my siblings and her, thanking her for providing me/us the ability to share our lives together, and to learn the value of family. I picked photos of the different houses we’ve lived in, and of our extended family members, thanking her for the fact that no matter where we went, we always felt at home and safe with her. Lastly, I picked a photo of her in her military outfit, back when she served the Israeli Army, and wrote to her that she is genuinely my hero, my inspiration, and my best friend. (Pick a photo of your mom where her super power is shining bright like a diamond (had to!) maybe your mother is an artist? get a photo of her doing her artwork. Maybe your mother gardens, or runs a day care, or anything you admire about her! This is getting long, but you get the point!

    Rivkaleh & Friends, LWL
    My mom is the founder of a wonderful voluntary initiative, through which volunteers provide hot meals, support, and a small gift to mothers and families after birth. This is her presenting at an IAC meeting.
  2. Make her a cook book out of her own recipes! This was a gift that she did NOT expect but absolutely adored! If your mom is a 24/7 cook like mine, always having guests over, people always asking her for her recipes, this is a perfect and unique mothers day gift! I had this planned for months prior to Mothers day that year so I secretly got 10 of her recipe’s in details (asking her for them because I wanted to prepare them or watched and asked while she cooked and took notes). I would take photos of the food when she finished (telling her it was for Snapchatt or Instagram when really it was going into the cook book!) Once I had all the recipes I wanted, I played around with Word Doc and created a personalized cook book for my mom! I went to Staples to get it printed and bind it together with a nice semi-hard cover and it turned out legit! She went around showing all of her friends and guess what? the began to snap photos of the recipes and even asked me to print out more of the book! Goofballs
  3. Last but not least, a few years back I think I pulled off the most unique Mother’s Day gift ever! What more can a mom want than to spend time with her family on Mother’s day? May is the perfect time to plant new flowers/plants in the backyard, and so happens that my mom does this anyways every year by herself. This year, I brought the flowers to her! I made sure the entire family was on board, we drove together to Home Depot and bought A LOT of flowers, came home and set them all in a shape of a heart on the ground before she noticed we were back. Then called her and asked he to come outside to help, when she saw this, and all of us together, she began to cry of happiness! We spent the day planing flowers together, getting dirty, fooling around, preparing lunch, eating together, and ended it with a movie at home as she requested 🙂

So, these are just three unique Mother’s Day gifts idea’s from me to you! I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and to truly give your mom the present/day that she deserves next weekend! Take the initiative and create that group text with your siblings and get to brainstorming! Mom and I



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  • Brian Sanz

    Your mom is the best!!! I agree with you that it’s not about how expensive the present is, but it’s about the emotional value that your gift carries.