8 Non Toxic Amazon Products For Kids This Summer


With everything that is going on in the world, and Summer finally here, I wanted to provide a reminder and some ways to make sure we are still connecting with our kiddos, encouraging creativity, positivity, and a safe space for self expression. While social distancing is still recommended, local parks and public pools may not be ideal locations to take your little ones (or yourself). So – I’ve put together a list of non toxic amazon products for kids/toddlers that will make for wicked fun summer activities! Hope this is helpful!

1. Sensory bath or pool with Non Toxic Water Beads

Encourages Sensory Exploration: Bright and engaging colors are sure to keep kids (3+) engaged. Promotes Learning: Helps kids with color recognition, counting & fine motor skill.

Non Toxic Kids Games

2. Sidewalk or driveway art with Non Toxic Chalk + Jumbo Size

Let’s get creative, spread positivity around the neighborhood, or play some games outside!

Non Toxic Kids Games

3. Outside fun with Non Toxic Bubbles

Who remembers the early 2000’s bubble packages with the little ball maze game on the cap? I FOUND IT … BUT BETTER! Non toxic & still just as entertaining!

Non Toxic Bubbles Kids Games

4. Outdoor or indoor art with Non Toxic Ink Pad + Non Toxic Watercolor Paint (no more stressing if acrylic paint is non toxic ) + Giant Fingerpaint Paper + Waterproof Kids Art Smock

Finger painting is THE most fun! Imagine a hot summer day, finger painting outside with Non toxic watercolors, and then using the sprinklers or your hose to clean up and refresh the kiddos? A DREAM! Included a great massive paper pad for ultimate finger painting canvas and I also added the CUTEST little smocks incase you were indoors and wanted less of a mess.

5. Indoor or outdoor painting with Non Toxic Water Colors + more colors

Get those creative juices flowing with your little ones, painting is always a good idea! The florescent water colors are awesome and look great on paper.

Non Toxic Water Colors For kids

6. Indoor clay making art with Non Toxic Oven Bake Clay + more Colors

Clay helps with development capabilities with your kiddos senses – bright colors, exercise hands-on coordination, let their imagination fly!

Non Toxic Clay for Kids

7. Bath time with Non Toxic Washable Bath Crayons

I used to love bath time and playing with my little toys, if I had these non toxic bath crayons I’d never want to get out!

Washable Non Toxic Crayons For Bath

8. Drawing time with Non Toxic Jumbo Crayons

I loved these crayons because for little ones they are such an easy grip!

Non Toxic Jumbo Crayons