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What better time to post about Sustain Natural; the first brand of all natural condoms, lubricants, and PostPlay wipes than on a Friday ! (Insert winking emoji) SUSTAIN NATURAL LIBBY VILNER

You may be wondering why I am posting about this subject? well, first of all, it is not the first time I’ve touched on the subject, I have a blog post about a natural lubricant brand called SYLK, and they are great as well, but do not offer a complete package like SUSTAIN NATURAL does. Either options are good if you are only looking for a lubricant.

Second of all, here’s a fun fact: condoms aren’t regulated like food products. They don’t require a detailed list of ingredients. Therefore, I shall enlighten you and provide you with some of the toxic ingredients that you may be getting involved with, ready? let’s get dirty (Really trying to create a punt here but not working out.)

If you take some time to check out your condom packaging, you’ll most likely find out whether they are latex or non-latex, if there is lubricant or spermicide present, a certain flavor. If it is lubricated, you may be able to check if it is water-based, gel-based, or silicone-based.


So….where is the ingredients list exactly? What is the actual condom made of?  here are a few:

Spermicides: act to kill sperm and prevent STD’s, the problem is that most spermicides contain nonoxynol-9, a chemical that kills skin cells in the vagina and rectal wall which increases the chances of catching an STD or urinary tract infection in the long-term. 

Parabens: are used as preservatives but act as hormone disruptors, which just so disturbing to me  because you are placing these parabens directly on an area of your body that produces hormones … huh?

Benzocaine: is used as a numbing agent to help you ‘last longer’…really?  But anyways, it actually just  causes you swelling, itching, sweating and dizziness, therefore it lowers the pleasure of the sexual experience and ‘makes you last longer’. Turned on yet?

Glycerine: is used as a lubricant, which increases the chance of getting a yeast infection because it’s essentially a sugar waiting around bacteria in that area, not the best combination.

I’d keep going but, I think you understand the point?

This is why I am bringing forth to you my friends, SUSTAIN NATURAL! Because we want to sustain our  sexual desires naturally! Their products are fair trade certified, sustainably produced, and 10% of all profits support women’s health initiatives! AMAZING!  So, let’s break down some of their products shall we? sustain natural libby vilner

[can we take a moment to admire this cute little bag!?]

First, is their lubricants , they are made with 95% organic ingredients ! They offer two kinds, either unscented or lavender scent, and it is super affordable at just $12.99 ! A little goes a long way with their lubricants and I love that one of the ingredients is Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.

Then we have their sustainable, vegan condoms. Their condoms are ultra thin, lubricated and made of latex. They sell packages of 10, or 40, and again, their packaging is super cute!sustain natural

Lastly, but my favorite, are their PostPlay natural towelettes.

I absolutely love these and think every woman/man should have a package in their nightstand drawer. They got for $10.99 and smell heavenly. I really love the way SUSTAIN NATURAL explains the need for it so let me use the magical COPY & PASTE from their site:

“Love can be messy. But with these sheets between yours, it’ll only leave an afterglow behind. They’re the effortless natural way to freshen up after you’re done having fun getting fresh. Sustain Post Play Natural Wipes let you keep doing what’s natural all night long, without interruption.

  • Comfort first – 100% cotton
  • Safer for your body – Non-chlorine bleached
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, dyes & fragrances
  • Count- 48 moistened wipes
  • For everyone – these wipes are unisex”

sustainYes, yes, and yes!

So with all of that being said, I hope you guys make your way over to their website, and shop around for whatever you desire. I love companies that make my shopping ethical, sustainable, healthy, and supportive. Shop smart and get busy with SUSTAIN NATURAL! sustain natural


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