Maybelline Mascara Is Toxic

Maybelline Mascara IS TOXIC

Do you know the true purpose of your eyelashes (besides obviously a flirty eye look?) The primary function is to protect your eyes from small particles like dust, sand or debris. 

And when you are coating your lashes with toxic mascara, such as Maybelline mascara, you are actually turning your protective eyelashes into weapon of harm to your eyes and your body.

As waterproof as your mascara may be, specs of the formula IS entering your eyes and/or your bloodstream through skin contact (As 80% of what your skin touches is absorbed). 

A personal story of mine – my little sister did not completely take off her waterproof mascara and the following day she LEGIT could not open her eye, it was getting red and swollen. I went with her to the emergency room and the doctor found a dried piece of MASCARA under her eyelid and it actually scratched her eye so bad that she needed medication. 

Now, not only was she physically hurt from this waterproof mascara, but all of those harmful ingredients have been absorbed into her bloodstream.

Here are just a few toxic ingredients in the Maybelline mascara that you do NOT want anywhere near your eyes:

❌Ethyl paraben – A chemical used to preserve the product formula as well as a fragrance ingredient. It creates immunotoxicity and is an endocrine disruptor, not to mention causes allergy!

❌Methylparaben- Is a preservative; it mimics estrogen and can act as a potential hormone endocrine system disruptor. It may cause healthy cells to grow and survive just as cancer cells and therefore interfere with the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs. Some studies of breast tumors even show a buildup of methylparabens in the breast tissue!

❌Black 2- Pigment, classified as group 2B carcinogen due to experimental evidence on animals. It’s Impact is possibly organ system toxicity!

There is just absolutely no need for these dangerous chemicals to be around your eyes. Here are a few non toxic mascara brands I know, trust, and love:


1. Honest Beauty Non Toxic Mascara & Lash Primer

Honest Beauty Non Toxic Mascara

2. W3ll People Non Toxic Mascara

W3ll People non toxic mascara

3. Inika Non Toxic Mascara

Inika non toxic mascara

4. Fitglow 3-in-1 Lengthening Non Toxic Mascara

Fitglow non toxic mascara

5. Lash Food Non Toxic Mascara

Lash Food Non Toxic Mascara

For more of my non toxic beauty must have’s – check out my 2020 essential beauty & skincare list blog post! Hope this helps!