Denim Love #OOTD in Italy


Hello beauties! Happy April 1st! Hoping no one pulls a cruel one on me this year! As requested, and as promised, I will share with you the details of my outfits from my trip to Italy! The first one I shall call Denim Love. Libby Vilner, Italy outfit Life with libby

I wore this denim outfit in Florence, (which was my favorite of all three between Rome and Venice- you can read all about my trip here) and full disclosure, I brought flats in my bag to change into once I was tired of walking in these beautiful booties! But let me tell you, heads were turning , and not at me, at these shoes! I got asked at least 4 times where I bought them- so why don’t we begin from the bottom up this time and start with the shoes shall we?

Libby Vilner, Italy florence outfit Life with libby

I bought them on Public Desire and I did not think they would be so comfortable, but seriously, I walked for hours before switching to my flats in these babies! Super comfy, fit like a glove 🙂

You can buy them right now! Just click on this pic:denim bootie, life with libby

Next to the denim skirt! Libby Vilner, Italy outfit(By the way, nothing like walking around feeling fab in a foreign country! ) If you have not noticed already, skirts are my thaangg ! I love the girly feeling I get when I wear them! This one is super unique, all denim with little buttons going down the center, which you can open up and spice things up a little (ohh la la!) When I saw this on the Jolly Chic site, I had to make the purchase, which was super-duper affordable (Now it’s even on sale for $12.99!) Click here to shop the skirt or to just mingle along the site, they’ve got great stuff: denim skirt life with libby

Onto the bodysuit we go!Libby Vilner, Italy with Brian(Insert cute, cheesy quote to caption this pic of mah loverman & I – also, shout out to him for snapping all dem pics of me & actually enjoying doing it! keeper!)

And that is another one of my must have’s. Bodysuits are where it’s at guys, no need to worry about anyone seeing your thong thong thong thong thonggg (My JAM!). This one is also so warm, and has those thumb holes that I love too. Unfortunately, I bought it at some store which I cannot remember but I found one almost just like it from Missguided, click pic to shop: bodysuit nude ,long sleeve, life with libby

Okay, so no we’ve got the sunglasses, love emmmmm. I just love a classic cat-eye, so chic!Libby Vilner, Italy outfit denim Also, super affordable from ASOS at just $24.00! Click to shop: Libby Vilner Sunglasses ASOS

Lastly, this ah-mazing blanket scarf, which was a life saver for the night-time in Italy, it got pretty chilly when the sun went down and this scarf had my back! I bought it at Marshall’s a while back and I can’t seem to find it online for you , but any blanket scarf that matches the theme colors will do!  I liked this one with the outfit because it gave a little pop of color which I felt needed.

That’s it! That is the denim love outfit from Italy, Florence for ya! Hope you like it!