spring clean life with libby

How to Make Money by Cleaning Out Your Closet


Hello beautiful people! How are you today? I hope you are feeling fantastic! If you aren’t feeling to well, first, take some time for self-care! Go get that massage, catch up on your shows, workout, cook, whatever soothes you and makes you happy. If  you are not feeling too well, I hope this post will make you feel better because you are about to find out how you can make money just by cleaning out your closet! YES PLEASE! It’s spring time, so get ready to turn your spring cleaning up a notch.

spring clean life with libby

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time getting rid of clothes/shoes/accessories even though I haven’t worn them in … years. Yes, years. Why? Because in the back of my head I just think .. “Maybe one day I’ll need this, or use this, or give it to my sister, or fit in it again, or have a special occasion for it” These thoughts are your worst nightmare! Because let’s face it, if you haven’t worn or used it in years, it means you really wont need it.. ever, or you may have something that replaced it anyways. And, why would your little teenage sister want something that you yourself haven’t wanted to wear or use either. As for special occasion, will you want to re-wear the same thing? Sometimes, yes. But for me, nope.

This year I decided to stop this horrible hoarding trend I’ve created and change things up. I tore apart my closet, threw everything on the floor and went through each article of clothing separating into piles of 1. Stained and needs to GO,  2. Donation, 3. Show little sister anyways, if she doesn’t like- POSHMARK!


What’s Poshmark? Your new BFF. This is a free application that you can download onto your phone, and sell your unwanted clothes, accessories, shoes, even makeup! Yes, people buy your used makeup. You download the app, set up your profile, snap pics of the things you want to sell, insert a small description and CHA-CHING , get ready for some money to roll in. money, life with libby

The best part, the app pays for your shipping, so if you already have boxes and envelopes to wrap your goodies in, you just print out that pre-paid shipping label and drop that baby off at UPS. The money you make can either be used to buy stuff on the app for yourself, or deposited directly into your bank account!

S0, what are you waiting for, download that app and get rid of those clothes are permanently creased to the folds because they haven’t been touched in years. It feels really good to be able to make some money on the side while going to grad school and at the same time getting rid of things that you don’t use but other people will!

Poshmark does take a percentage of your sale, but duh, they need to make money too! And it’s not a big percentage, it calculates everything for you there showing you how much they take and how much you make. People can also make offers on your items, and you can negotiate or you can decline their offer. It’s all pretty neat! 

Hope this helps some people out there looking for an extra source of income and gives others a way to make spring cleaning a little more fun!