libby vilner easter outfit emoji bag

Easter Outfit #Neutrals


Hello Lovies! It’s been a little while since I have posted on the blog, it’s been insanity finishing up my midterms for grad school this semester, but HALLELUJAH the last one was handed in yesterday! I hope you all had an amazing Sunday Easter and got to spend some time with your loved ones. I myself celebrate Easter with my boyfriends family (I am from Israel, so my own family does not celebrate this holiday) like every year and ate SO MUCH Brasilian food! If you know what a brigadeiro is, your life is complete, SO GOOD and I ate so much of it. Talk about a food coma?

I wanted to share with you a simple, classy, cute neutral outfit¬†that I wore for Easter, you can click on the thumbnail photos of the details to shop the items ūüôā . So, here is the complete look!

libby vilner easter outfit

I loved the way it all came together! Color combo = life! So, the details:¬†libby vilner easter outfit emoji bagThis wicked cool purse (which by the way has a matching wallet but I don’t have a picture of it on here, I do on my Instagram though :p ) made the outfit complete! If it wasn’t for the purse it would have looked a tad dull. I really like cool weird funky accessories like this!¬†If you do too, shop it by clicking this pic:¬†emoji bag , life with libby¬†The shoes I am wearing I had for a very, very long time from Aldo, but I went to their website and found ones almost the same! Click the pick to shop:Aldo Nude Heel, Life with Libby

libby vilner easter outfit look¬†This amazing coat I got as a present from my boyfriend back in December for my birthday, and I really am obsessed with it because it matches pretty much everything and is super flattering. Who doesn’t like flattering? He bought it at Zara, and unfortunately I couldn’t find the same exact one but found one that is similar, shop it here:¬†Zara coat life with libby

Next, these baby pink colored pants that can be worn day and night! I love this style of cropped out ankle pants, they make you look sophisticated and glamorous ūüôā¬†libby vilner easter outfit pastel

emoji bag LIBBY VILNER

I bought them from Express, and actually, they had a discount buy one get one 50 percent off..yup. It happened. Shop them here by clicking this pic: express ankle pants, life with libby

emoji bag libby vilner detail

libby vilner easter outfit

The shirt I wore is one that I bought in Israel, so sadly, I can’t link it to anywhere but honestly, any pretty white shirt will do! Even one like this from Forever21:¬†Forever21 top, life with libby

That’s it! I hope you guys liked this neutral Easter outfit!!

PS: ¬†The lipstick I am wearing is from¬†LippyGirl¬†and it is in the shade “Totes Vego-Maniac”.¬†This company is all organic and vegan!

Make sure to check them¬†out and to shop the shade I’m wearing¬†click the pic:¬†lippy girl organic lipstick