Eyebrow Microblading Experience at Prettyology


My experience with eyebrow microblading;

A few months back I decided to go get my eyebrows microbladed/pigmented and had to decided on a local place to do so in Boston. Through a lot of research and recommendations I picked to go to Prettyology on Newbury street and I am so happy I decided to go with them!

Prettyology X Libby Vilner MicrobladingThey staff is beyond helpful and sweet, and Elicia who preformed the eyebrow microblading on me knew exactly what I wanted and did just that!prettyology Microblading eyebrows X Libby Vilner

I am so pleased with my results! Even though my brows were already pretty full with hair and I like the shape of them too, the hairs were far apart, and would even curl sometimes and cause it to look as if I had some bald spots in my brows. This is why I decided to do the eyebrow microblading / pigmentation.

Here is a before and after photo of right after the first time I went,

Prettyology X Libby Vilner Microblading
Taken from Prettyology Instagram

And here is a photo of the brows after the included touch up I had and with a bit glam! There is no makeup on my eyebrows! Libby Vilner X prettyology eyebrow microblading

I would totally recommend this eyebrow microblading procedure to anyone looking to get rid of the time they consume doing their brows every morning and wanting a thicker, bolder, yet natural looking brow! If you are local to Boston, go to Prettyology!

Here is a Vlog I did during my first procedure to try to give you a better idea of what the procedure of eyebrow microblading / pigmentation entails! Hope this helps!