Let’s spread some toxic lipstick awareness shall we?

Did you know that 80% of the ingredients in our products (makeup, skincare, etc.) are absorbed into our bodies and then into our bloodstreams?

Therefore, those ingredients should not be toxic, because when they are, they will hurt your reproductive system, and disrupt so much more!

How are Revlon’s lipsticks toxic? Here are just a few of their ingredients:

Red 33 Lake: used for color, it is classified by International Agency for research on cancer as a class 3 carcinogenic ? yea, no thanks.

BHT: Used as an antioxidant and to mask unpleasant smells. It will cause irritation if in contact around the eyes. It acts as a endocrine disruptor, it may cause itching and allergy.

❌ Tons of preservatives which are all linked to hormone disruptors, tumor formulations, even reproduction toxicity!

I don’t know about you but I do NOT want to kiss my fiancé or someday baby with a mouth full of toxins that can also harm them.

So, What lipsticks brands to buy instead❓check out my favorite recommended clean beauty brands here