Georgia Bennett Q+A- Personal training, yoga and more!


A few months ago I stopped by the Follain store(the best healthy organic beauty store EVER! GO THERE.. like now)  and got to meet Georgia!

We got to talking about wellness, my blog, the importance of living a non-toxic lifestyle, and come to find she herself has a website and is a wellness guru! So, without further-a-do, I present to you, a Q+A with Georgia Bennett!

Personal training, yoga GBR WELLNESSA little about Georgia in her own words:

I am a Boston-based personal trainer, yoga instructor and lifestyle coach who works privately with clients in their homes, in the gym and outdoors. I believe in the powerful influence that  proper nutrition, regular exercise and positive mindset can have on every other aspect of our lives. My compassionate approach to personal training is individualized, fun, effective and safe. I support you in creating the lifestyle that is best for you by tapping into your innate ability to fully take care of yourself and enjoy doing so!

My own transition to a healthier way of life is what inspired me to help others do the same. Prior to launching my career in health and wellness, I earned a BS in Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music and lived in Los Angeles scoring music for film and television. While I loved many aspects of working in the entertainment industry it was not long before the long hours and stress began to erode my well-being. I then turned my attention to my life-long interest in health and wellness, became certified as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and health coach and haven’t looked back since!

Now that I have moved back to my beloved home city of Boston I am thrilled to be offering my fitness, yoga and lifestyle services here!

Georgia Bennett

What/who inspired you into becoming personal trainer, yoga instructor and lifestyle coach and living such a lifestyle?

Despite having grown up in a very health conscious household, I didn’t truly discover the importance of diet, exercise and adequate sleep until I was in college at Berklee. I think it is common for college students to resort to unhealthy habits such as pulling all nighters and drinking a lot of caffeine in order to complete their schoolwork – and yet I found a great improvement in mine when I began prioritizing exercise, nutrition and rest. Not only did I become more efficient but I was much more able to enjoy my creative process with the improved mood and self-image that came with taking care of myself. It was then that I first truly realized that health has everything to do with enjoying life and pampering the body we are given. I want to shout it from the rooftops that deprivation has no place in a well-balanced lifestyle.

I took a look at all of the education and certifications that you have accomplished, so many which is so amazing! Which one would you consider was the toughest one to get through? Was  it a tough and long journey to becoming what and who you are today? Any obstacles?

One of my favorite things about working in this field is the fact that you never stop learning. I find that very exciting, and as a result I am constantly seeking out new certifications and opportunities for education. In terms of difficulty, I would have to say my yoga teacher trainings have been the most trying however deeply rewarding.

I would say it has in some ways been a tough and long journey to becoming who I am today, but I have certainly enjoyed it! In terms of obstacles, I have dealt with my fair share of depression and anxiety, both of which I have learned to keep at bay through diet, exercise, self-care and mindfulness. I also know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in my own skin, to lack the motivation to exercise and to be confused about food. I am proud to admit this as I think many of us share these struggles, and overcoming my own hardships has helped me to better understand and support my clients.

Personal Trainer: What’s your style of training people? Any specific techniques? And how can one hire you to train them?

Style: A combination of yoga and functional resistance training, integrating the home, gym and outdoors depending on the needs of the client. It is about improving one’s movement so that they feel great in their body and are able to move through the world more joyfully. I have worked with a lot of people who are out of touch with their bodies, whether because they loathe exercise and struggle with motivation or because they tend to over exercise and rarely make time for rest and recovery. I would say that I have been very successful in helping people learn how to listen to their bodies and to enjoy exercise in an appropriate way.

Yoga instructor: How and where can people come take your yoga sessions? What are the benefits of this type of workout?

I am currently offering private or semi private yoga instruction in my clients’ homes. If I start to teach classes in a studio I will certainly post the information on my website! In a yoga session with me one can expect a combination of meditation, pranayama (breath work) and a series of yoga postures that are carefully sequenced to set the body up for success. Yoga is wonderful for improving strength and flexibility while strengthening the mind/body connection. It works wonders for those who are busy and stressed but also want a good workout, or as a creative supplement to other forms of movement! Private and semi private yoga sessions are also a great opportunity to focus on proper form so that one can practice more safely and effectively in a larger group.

On your website, you offer not only yoga and personal training, but also “ support in creating the lifestyle that is best and healthiest for you. (nutrition, fitness, life balance, and life skills”  What does that entail? What can one expect when hiring you for this service?

Yes! This is Lifestyle Coaching. Lifestyle Coaching is great for someone who wants to improve their diet and learn how to implement other healthy habits into their life for the long-term. This can involve anything from cooking to stress management to sleep hygeine. We focus on your strengths and make small, manageable changes that turn into habits over time. These are things I discuss with all of my personal training clients, but for some it is helpful to have the extra support that comes with sitting down with me and focusing solely on coaching.

What are the top 3 principles you live by (health/food wise) that you can recommend and vouch for others to follow?

1. Eat real, whole foods. 2. Have fun. 3. Be patient with yourself and the process.

What else can one find on your website?

My blog, which, along with the rest of my website, is brand new. I am excited to share wellness tips, recipes and my general thoughts about living a healthy lifestyle!

Future plans / goals?

At the moment I am just insanely excited to be in the Boston wellness scene. It is wonderful to be meeting like-minded people such as yourself! While I’m currently enjoying working with clients in their homes it is possible I’ll want to open up my own gym eventually – a functional space for yoga and resistance training with a holistic approach. I would also like to write more as I absolutely love writing and also want to be able to reach a larger variety of people. Finally I would like to make more time for creative endeavors – music is still very much an important part of me and I want to keep it in my life!

What is a fun fact about you that not many people may know?

I am kind of an open book so this is a tough one, ha! I guess it would be that one of my all time favorite composers is Bernard Herrmann. He wrote the music for a film called “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. The prelude makes my heart sing – I listen to it all the time!

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