Splurge Skincare 


Hello lovelies ?

Today’s product review is for Splurge Skincare products ? All of their products are organic, animal cruelty free, and amazing ☺️ plus , luckily for me they are local from Boston , MA ??

✨ Splurge sent me three products to review:

1. The Rub Body Scrub  

 2.  Melted Buttah Repair Balm 

 3. Tinted Buttah – In Love  

 ✨ The body scrub I used a few time in the shower and works beautifully, moistens the skin, provides a sense of renewal and exfoliates. My personal downer was the safflower oil in it only because I am not a huge fan of the smell of it. But seriously the products is superb☺️

✨ The repair balm is really convenient to throw in your purse / bag and always have something that will give your lips the moisture they need in these upcoming cold winter months ?? this one has n tinted color but gives you a nice gloss. 

✨ Lastly, my personal favorite , the Tinted Buttah in color In Love . First thing I love about it is the smell! It’s minty and refreshing ?? secondly , the smoothness it give my lips is incredible! As far as the color goes, I’m not sure it’s because my lips are already a really pink but I did not see such a big color change.   

Although I really do not mind because it’s lovely! I tried to do a swatch for you guys but I think my skin color is a bit too dark to see anything . If you have a really light skin color and lip I’m sure the pink tint will show really nicely ?
✨ I hope you enjoyed this review ! Check out their website Splurge Skincare and their Instagram: @SPLURGESKINCARE 

Xoxo ?