kiss me honey organic lip balms

Kiss Me Honey Organic Lip Balm


Hello beauties! Happy Saturday!!! Today I am reviewing these three Kiss Me Honey organic lip balms! (Coconut, Strawberry, and Mint). Kiss me Honey organic lip balm

First of all, a little company background:

Kiss Me Honey lip balms are all certified organic, cruelty free, and made in the USA (Las Vegas). They are also preservative free, chemical free, and Paraben free! (The only thing is that they are not vegan, which is due to the use of beeswax). Kiss me Honey organic lip balm

The first reaction I had when these arrived was “Ooooo cute packaging!” because I just loved how their hot pink logo (which is so adorable!) looked on-top of the black, pops right at you and is fierce and sexyKiss Me Honey Organic lip Balm

Their product ingredients do not vary much from different kinds which I liked because the simpler and shorter ingredient list is, the easier it is to know what you put on your skin as well as better chances it is safer for you. Some of those ingredients are: Organic coconut oil, Organic unrefined Shea butter, Vitamin E, Grapefruit seed extract, and Organic sweet almond oil. LOVE the simplicity and the nutrition and moisture your lips get from the combination of all of these!

Kiss me Honey organic lip balm

My personal favorite, the Coconut organic lip balm;coconut kiss me honey lip balm organicWhen I opened up the lip balm I smelled the pure coconut and I automatically knew I will love it. What I did not expect is just how soothing, soft, and moisturizing it will be! After I applied one coat of this lip balm I could not stop rubbing my lips together. They were SOOO SOOFT! Absolutely obsessing.Kiss me honey strawberry organic lip balm

The Strawberry organic lip balm was next to test, and again, as soon as I opened the balm the aroma of strawberries filled the air and I really just wanted to taste it, so much so that I did.. and it tasted like strawberries! SOO GOOD! (No, I did not eat it, just enjoyed licking my lips…a lot). In the ingredient list I then saw that they use organic essential oil-strawberry,which makes sense after tasting the natural flavor. Kiss me honey organic mint lip balm   Lastly, we have the Mint organic lip balm, this one just like the other two was so soothing on the lips and gave them a super minty fresh scent! It also had a little tingly sensation which was probably due to the peppermint organic essential oil.

Over all, I truly love all of these and will be making sure to be carrying one of these on me at all times! I wish I had these babies during the winter months here although chapped lips go year round! I highly recommend checking them out and trying them (Only $4.99 each! Or if you get a package of 4 its $17.99 or a package of 6 for $22.95!) Trust me when I say, you will NOT regret it, they are the!

Hope you enjoyed this review for Kiss Me Honey organic lip balm