Why We Chose To Get Married In Israel


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Let’s get to it shall we?
Many of you have been asking me where we are going to tie the knot, and the decision did not come fast for us.

Although I was born in Israel and Brian spent all his childhood years growing up in Brasil, it did not change the fact that most of our friends live in the US.

My vision for our wedding is for all the people who we love are there to celebrate with us, and I was very scared that if we decided to do it in one of our home countries, that most of our friends would not be able to travel that far.

I called my aunt to let her know we decided to marry in America so she can begin to save the money and prepare, and she reminded me of a HUGE factor that I was forgetting all along: everyone traveling into America from Israel or Brasil will need a VISA !

Not only is it a big burden to go and ask all of our relatives and friends from our home countries to go and apply for Visa’s, it also costs money! This is when I knew I had to re- consider our wedding location.

Brian all along even before he proposed said he wanted us to get married in Israel, being that his family is Brasilian and Catholic, they are extremely fond of my countries history and have been dying to visit Jerusalem.

I then remembered that when I flew to Brasil to meet Brian’s family a few years back, I used my Israeli passport because Brasil does not require a visa for Israeli citizens and vice-versa!

Because of this, Israel became the most obvious choice for us , no one will have the hassle of obtaining a Visa. Brian’s family dream of visiting Israel will come true, and I will get to have my entire family by my side as well.

We picked a month in the year where tickets are not as costly, and we are hoping that everyone who can, will be there for our big day.