How To Choose Your Wedding Band With Brilliant Earth


I’ll never forget the day Brian and I got engaged, he said to me that same night: “I feel a bit odd that only you are wearing a ring, I don’t feel like we are complete yet.” It melted my heart and I replied – “Don’t worry my love, you will get to pick out your ring in no time.”

Fast forward to today, Brian has his Brilliant Earth band and is very excited to wear it after our wedding this summer!

We knew we wanted to buy from Brilliant Earth as Brian had such a great experience with the purchase of my engagement ring with them. You can read more about that here.

Prior to the showroom visit on Newbury Street, we browsed the Brilliant Earth website in order to have an idea of what rings we wanted for our wedding bands. I would highly recommend on doing that because it really did help once we arrived. Instead of walking in and being overwhelmed by all the options, we knew more or less the style and metal finish we wanted.

We were greeted by our very own jewelry consultant, Amanda, who was possibly the most patient human being on earth! She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the rings, sizing, and what styles went well with my engagement ring in order not to take away from my center diamond.

After we picked our bands, Amanda made sure to measure our ring sizes. She guided us about how snug the ring should be around our knuckles, tested a few size options for each of us and advised us on what size would be our best fit.

It is also reassuring that with Brilliant Earth you have 60 days to resize your rings free of charge and also 30 days to exchange your entire ring if you decide you want a different one which Brian took advantage of! He really loved two wedding band styles and gave one of them a try. After a few days he decided he liked the other style better and the switch was really easy! They provide you with a shipping label, you drop it off and they send back your new ring!

Here are the bands we chose:

Brian’s: Emery Wedding Ring In Yellow Gold

Mine: Astra Diamond Ring and the Luxe Ballad Diamond Ring

Click here to see if there is a Brilliant Earth showroom near you!

If you want to see how our showroom visit went – head over to the YouTube video below to watch!