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ITSZEN:30 Color Therapy Eyewear

All about Color Therapy with ITSZEN:30  Hello everyone! Today I am super excited to share some knowledge about color therapy through an interview I did with Chantel and Goose of ITSZEN30! First of all, they are wicked awesome and sent over a pair of their glasses, in yellow! My favorite color (Called-Solar Plexus Charka), which also… Read More ITSZEN:30 Color Therapy Eyewear


How To Stay Healthy On The 4th of July

The big holiday that consists of fun, fireworks, friends, family, a day off, and lots of food and drinks is here! 4th of July weekend celebrations begin tomorrow! I don’t know about you, but I always find it so hard to maintain my healthy eating habits during this holiday, so I’ve done some ‘research’ through our friends Pinterest +… Read More How To Stay Healthy On The 4th of July