12 Amazon finds I cannot live without


Today I am here to share a few of my Amazon finds that I simply cannot live without. I hope some of these may be helpful to you too!

  1. Air Purifier

Now with the Covid-19 pandemic and staying at home – this is something that is so important to have in your house/apartment because we are spending almost 24/7 indoors! Regardless of quarantine though, this is important if you are renovating your home, painting, have a baby in the house or are just trying to stay as healthy as you can.

What does this air purifier do? They work just like water filets, running the air through it’s filter system and shoot it back out a whole lot cleaner.

* Remove triggers for asthma attacks
* Clearer sinuses and reduced swelling for easier breathing all day long
* Sanitizes the air (from outside fumes, environmental pollutants, chemicals)
* Combat allergies (dust, pets)
*And much more, here is a great article on the benefits

2. Humidifier

Being indoors all day means being in dry air, or even when you aren’t indoors all day, sleeping through the night = dry air. I personally bought mine because I struggle with dry skin, cracked lips, and throat.

If you experience one of these.. you need a humidifier:

  • dry skin
  • irritated eyes
  • dryness in the throat or airways
  • allergies
  • frequent coughs
  • bloody noses
  • sinus headaches
  • cracked lips

3. Cable clips

Simply because cables on the floor are annoying and with these guys you can just have all your cables stay in place on your desks, no more looking around for your charger!

4. Smart Home Outlets

If you own a smart home device, whether it be from Google, or Alexa, or whichever one they came out with recently, you MUST have this. Almost our entire apartment is voice controlled by Google and it’s life changing. Turing off and on the lights, or our cat’s fountain, etc. You’ll never have to get out of bed again after forgetting to turn off the lights.

5. Webcam Covers

This one is obvious, hackers exist and you should really be covering those built in camera’s on your devices. I like these little stickers because they are convenient, sleek, and reusable. I have one on my iPhone camera and I just take it off and on whenever I need to as well as my computer and our cat’s feeder camera. You can never be too sure! There is also this one that is not a sticker but a little slider that you can open and close – good for computers.

6. Suction Cup Shelf

Brian and I love to sometimes play a show or watch something on YouTube while in the shower (don’t judge) so we bought this little suction cup shelf and it’s been wicked awesome! You can also use it on your windows for some plants or whatnot.

7. Suction Cup Hooks

If you don’t want metal shelves in your shower..because.. MOLD, or you just don’t want to put holes in the walls of your shower, these are your new best friends. We use them to hang our towels and our sponges.

8. Broom Holder With Hooks

This was such a good find because we live in a studio apartment and having no space to put our broom / mop / etc. is frustrating but THIS is the solution. Stick it on your wall inside a closet (We have it in the washer and dryer little nook) and just hang that stick up! Out of site out of mind. I also liked this one because it has hooks on the side too so we hang our umbrellas there.

9. Sound Machine

For obvious reasons – sleep, sleep, annnnd sleep. Never thought I would be one to like a sound machine up until Brian bought it back in November and I won’t go on without it now (also voice automated by our handy dandy google and the smart home outlets).

10. Ring Light

If you like taking selfies, if you record videos, if you take photos of products, or if you just want better lighting for makeup application – this ring light is the bomb. Comes with both a phone and camera attachment, adjustable light, adjustable height, and great price! It’s a must for me. Also if you get a ring light, also make sure to grab a wireless remote control like this one that I have.

11. Chair Covers

We got this for two reasons the first being our cat. We bought our chairs before we adopted our kitty and they are made from faux leather. She was digging her nails in them and put her back into it. Once we put these babies on – no more. Second reason was because our new apartment needed some chic black accents in it and the suede black chair covers were perfectionnnn! SO easy to put on and off, and machine washable. WIN WIN WINNNN.

12. SD Card Camera Reader Adapter for iPhone

If you are a content maker or just use a camera a lot on the go, this is seriously so handy! I can just take the SD card out of my camera, insert it into this gadget and plug into my phone to download the photos to my phone! Yes please.

Hope you love this must have Amazon finds list and let me know what some of yours are!


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