13 Amazon Finds My Cat Cannot Live Without


Here are 13 Amazon finds that my cat Storm cannot live without!

1. Water Fountain + Extra Filters

Your cat should be drinking filtered water – always! They are much more sensitive to the heavy metals found in our tap water. They also much rather drink from moving water and will stay more hydrated if they have their own water fountain. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, promise! I also loved this one because it came with a little mat to go under the fountain.

2. Automatic Feeder

Food portions are key to making sure your cat stays at a healthy weight especially if it is an indoor cat like mine. This automatic feeder is a game changer. It has an app that you download to your phone, you can pick the amount of grams you want to feed, you can schedule your feedings so if you aren’t home they will still get fed. It is connected to your WIFI and has a camera and speaker so you can talk to your kitten and hear it too! I LOVE it so much. Gives me peace of mind and keeps my kitty on a feeding schedule.

3. Automatic Litter Box + Reusable Litter Tray

Best invention – makes scooping SO much easier because it automatically moves everything inside it to the covered front part and you don’t need to dig around to find anything. Keeps the smell at bay with the top and makes things less messy all around. The reusable tray is awesome, just stick it in the bath to wash every time you change the litter.

4. Expandable Travel Carrier

I go back and forth between Boston and NY a lot by bus, like once a month at least and always bring our cat so this travel carrier was an epic find. It expands on BOTH sides, has a suitcase strap on the back and has a net top so you can see each other at all times. I also love it because it’s super sturdy and doesn’t squish at all.

5. Teepee

Self explanatory – cuteness overload and she loves it!

6. Cozy Bed

I actually added this into the Teepee on top of the little cushion it came with to make her teepee even cozier.

7. Cat Shampoo/Conditioner

This is one of the best ones out there that is safe to use on your little fur-ball, free of harsh chemicals and wont dry out their skin!

8. Knitting Blanky

She LOVES this blanket and is the only thing she will knit on!

9. Cat Tree + Smaller Option

Because….why not spoil them? The taller the tree the better!

10. Dental Treats

We give her 3-4 of these treats every morning to keep those teeth/gums in good condition on top of brushing her teeth a few times a week. She loves them!

11. Favorite Treats

These are so much better than most treats health wise as they are real food just frozen dried with all of the nutrients. We also give her a bit of we food along with her dry food.

12. Her Favorite Toys: Toy 1 , Toy 2 , Toy 3 , Toy 4 , Toy 5

13. Organic Wheat Grass + Container

Wheat Grass has SO many benefits/nutrients and they love to nibble on it. Also if your cat is an indoor cat like mine it is great for their mental health to play with some grass. Super easy to grow and I also bought some plant soil to switch it out into which helps stop the growth of mold on the roots.

I hope some of these turn out helpful and that your fluffy one enjoys my recommendations! Please let me know some Amazon finds your kitty has been loving too, would love to try them!


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  • Brian

    Water fountain, automatic feeder and automatic litter box are life savers!! Highly recommend them. Of course the can’t can’t leave without the other items mentioned above 🙂