10 Unique Ways To Style Barrettes


The hair accessories trend is here to stay and I am not complaining! Here are some fun unique ways to style barrettes! All of the hair clips are from the Clips Moi collection (Code libby26 will save you some money!) . Hair styled by the talented Chaya

1. High Bun

For the bad hair day – pull up your hair in a bun, and add some cute barretts to the back! Now you have a chic hair-do!

2. Low Bun

twist up your hair and bobby pin it in a low-bun, then add in those barrettes and hair clips all over the back of your head, or just around the bun for a more subtle look.

3. Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail with a twist! Instead of using a scrunchy, use a few barrettes together. It’s such a fun unique hair style!

4. Half Crown Side braid

Braid one side of your hair, pancake the braid out to make it look a little fuller if you want, and then add as many hair clips and barrettes to the end of the braid. You could go with just two at the end of the braid to make sure it doesn’t fall out and stays in place or more like in this photo.

5. Less Than Half Up

Take a little of the front-top of your hair and slick it backwards. Use a few clips/barrette together to hold it back. These three are so cute together!

6. Enhanced Part

If you like to play with side hair parts, this helps the part stay in place: part your hair, then add a little hair barrette to the bottom side of your hair (right under your ear).

7. Half Up Twist

Take two small sections from the sides of your face, twist them up and lock them in place with a beautiful barrette for a classy hair down look.

8. Side-do Barrette Party

Such a fun hair-do, you can use a ton of different hair clips and barrettes and stack them onto one side of your hair. These can be statements barrettes like these or just simple smaller ones.

9. 1 and Done

Feeling lazy ? grab one long barrette and place it on either one or both sides of your hair. Make sure they are close to the ear and look like they are in the same direction of your hair. It makes for such a beautiful elegant look!

10. Loose Beachy Braid

Braid you hair back ever-so-loosely. Then add a beautiful statement barrette in the middle top of the braid for the perfect beachy hair-style. Keep it in place with bobby-pins or a small ponytail / scrunchie.