The Gift You Can’t Go Wrong With


The older we get the harder it seems to pick gifts for the people we care about most and I am here today to solve that problem!

There are two things I believe you can almost never go wrong with gifting.

1. Gifting them an experience such as a cooking class or paint night, etc.
2. A thoughtful gift that sparks memories, joy, and appreciation for all the good they have surrounding them.

What is that thoughtful gift you ask? It’s a Mixbook photo book! A curated book of photographs that you have specifically and thoughtfully picked out and organized together for them in the shape of a book they can flip through and cherish forever! *need I say more?*

I love Mixbook because there are endless reasons to gift them – for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and like I’ve gifted myself – an engagement gift for my fiencé and I, as well as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom this year.

I also like that Mixbook allows you to upload as many photos as you want in each page, change and customize the layouts, add shapes, borders, designs to make it so incredibly unique to the person you are gifting it to. I personally had so much fun creating these two Mixbook photo books! They are my art masterpieces and when they each arrived I was genuinely so excited to flip through the pages. My mother adores the book and it’s now in standing upright in display in the living room.

Here’s a few pages inside of both our Love Story photo book and the Mother’s Day photo book I made so you can see just how much fun they are to flip through (Each one was more than 20 pages long BTW):

So – if you are ever in doubt of what to buy for someone you love and care for, put on your artistic hat and get yourself onto Mixbook!

PS: you also have the option of uploading all the photos you want and Mixbook will automatically place the photos within the pages for ya in case you don’t have the time #NoExcuses.