12 Exercises for a Summer Body


Happy Friday everyone!

Summer is officially here and that means shorts, tanks, and bikinis! I find it harder to maintain going to the gym in the summertime because lets face it, who wants to spend time indoors when the sun is shining!?  I’ve put together 12 exercises that will help you get or maintain that summer body which require no weights, machines, or a gym!

  1. First and foremost, you want to warm up your body a bit before individualizing your muscles, go for a quick 5-10 minutes jog. jogging

 Next, you want to find a spot to settle into where you can get the next 12 workouts done, I like to also bring a yoga mat with me because it makes the surface you are working on softer and cleaner.

 2. The second exercise which will target your core, but requires a total body effort is a plank. plank lwlThis first plank you will do is the standard plank which you can choose to do on your hands or on your forearms. Hold this plank for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat twice more for a total of 3 repetitions. Make sure to keep your bum down and your tummy tucked in.

3. Next exercise is still in plank position, but this time it is sideways, targeting the core but mostly your obliques. side plank lwlwHold on each side for 30 seconds, 3 times. Remember, if your wrists hurt, you can do this on your forearms instead. Make sure to align the hand that is holding you up to your shoulder. Looking up at your outside arm helps balance, breathing, and focus.

4.  Since we all love plank position so much, the fourth exercise requires you to stay in them some more! This exercises still targets your obliques but requires more isolation and balance. This is the side plank and twist:twist plank lwlYou will begin in a side plank like you did in exercise 3, and simply rotate your outside arm into your chest to touch the opposite shoulder and back out (holding your hand up like the photo for exercise 3). Do this on both sides 10 times, twice for a total of 20 on each side.

5. Thought you were done with plank position? think again! Exercise 5 is a rotating plank: 

hip twist plank lwlhip twist plank lwl This also targets your core, while also working on strength throughout your entire body. Do this for 30 seconds, 3 times with a break of 10 seconds in-between each round.

6. Okay, now we are done with planks! Let’s move to our bums (or the peach emoji?)

This first exercise is called a bridge:

bridge lwlLay dow, hands by your sides, and raise your hips keeping your legs hip distance apart. Now pulse up and down (not letting your butt touch the ground) 30 times. Repeat once more. The third round you will keep your butt raised, and pulse but this time you’ll be keeping the pulses micro, short, and controlled, while squeezing your butt muscles. The last round is also 30 times, and if you can, for an extra oomph, once you hit 30 on your last round, hold at the top while still squeezing and count to 10, really pushing up your hips as high as they can go.

7. The seventh exercise is a bridge, but with a leg lift: lift bridge lowlyThis will still work your glutes but will isolate each side and engage your hamstrings. kick bridge lwlDo the same thing as exercise 6 with the bridge, and now lift one leg up, keeping it in line with your other knee (just as I show in the photo). Now, lower, and lift, 30 times on each side twice.

8. It’s time to donkey kick! dinkey kickFor this you will be on your hands and knees, and simply lift one left up, and lower (never touching the ground), while making sure to squeeze your glutes. Do this 30 times on each leg twice. For the 3rd set, you will lift, and lower, although towards the opposite side: lwl(Only touched the ground in this photo for the purpose of demonstration but when you do these do not touch the ground). Do this last set 3o times as well on each side. lwl9. Tired of being on the floor? Time to get up and moving, next exercise is a squat-jump: squats lwl squat jumpBegin by going down into a standard squat position, make sure you can see your toes so that you are not leaning over on your knees too much. Then quickly use the power in your legs to pop up into a jump (frog jump). When you land, make sure to land softly, try to make as little noise a possible or else you may hurt your back! Also, when you land, you are going straight into another squat which helps for a lower impact landing. Repeat these jump-squats 10 times non-stop. Rest for 10 seconds and do another 10, and repeat for a 3rd set.

  • Feeling the burn? Now let’s work on our arms, mostly our triceps because those seem to be a problem area for many people, including myself.

    10. The first exercise is triceps push up: tricep pushup lwlYou want to get into a plank/push up position, but keeping your hands shoulder width apart. When you go down, as shown in the photo, your elbows should touch your sides, and your hands should be by your chest. This keeps the target area to your triceps rather than your biceps or chest. Now pulse up and down 1o times. Repeat twice more for a total of 3 rounds. Take 10 seconds to recoup between each round.

    11. This exercise also targets your triceps. Not sure what it’s called but we can call it the triceps side push up. You will begin by laying down on your side like so:tricep side pushup Folding your inner arm around your waist, and using your outside arm to hold you up. Once you’ve settled into the position, you will use your outside arm to lift and lower and you will feel your triceps WORK! side pushup tricepRepeat this 15 times on each side for 3 rounds with 10 second breaks in the middle.

12. Let’s do some more abs to finish shall we?  This twelfth exercise is called a V-UP: yup lwlYou will simply lay down on your back, and then use the muscles in your tummy to pull up your legs, and upper body, ultimately created a V-like shape which is why this exercise is called a V-UP. When you get up to the position shown in the photo, hold for 2 seconds and then go back down slow and controlled while exhaling. Do this for one minute.

That’s it guys! These 12 simple exercises will help you get in shape for summer, or help maintain what you’ve already worked really hard for!

Please modify the repetitions and the time as needed, it is important to listen to your body! Keep hydrated and wear sunscreen if you are doing these outdoors! Lastly, you want to stretch everything out! streching lwl upward dog LWL youga lwllife with libbyPS: Yoga is no my strong suite!



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