Aleavia Skin Care Product Review


Hello lovies ☺️ Happy Halloween ‼️?

✨About a month ago I happily received a  package of Aleavia products to try out.

✨I have been using all of the products ever since and am finally able to provide feedback and results. 

✨I had received the 2 of the Prebiotic Neutralizing Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover , the Immerse Lavender Prebiotic Soothing Body Wash , and the Prebiotic Skin Restoration.

As I did my research before beginning my trial, I learned that Aleavia Skin Care products work to help balance the pH of the skin and act as emollients or conditioners for the skin. This was wonderful for me because as you all know I have very dry skin.

✨ Their products are 100%-natural, organic, and environmentally safe ingredients.???

✨So, I actually have pretty good skin in terms of acne, but there is always once a month a time when I get a small breakout , which I did and I was able to put the products to the test which let me tell you they passed with flying colors! 

✨My breakout spot after just 1 day seemed to be drying up and disappearing, no need for ‘pimple popping’ as the Aleavia prebiotic skin restoration spray did its magic and I literally watched the breakout disappear rather than get worse.

✨The Face cleanser/ makeup remover works alongside the prebiotic restoration Spray. Together they fight off the bad bacteria which make them amazing products for anyone that is struggling with acne, breakouts , rosacea, psoriasis, redness, and many other skin disorders issues. 

✨The Aleavia body wash I recieved is lavender scented and it is truly wonderful. I was actually struggling with my Dr. Bonner body wash , for some reason in certain areas it really stung ?.  Although I can happily say that the Aleavia body wash  did not and I am almost done with mine and will be purchasing the full size version of it soon?? 

✨ I super happy with the Aleavia products and I am now a true fan and supporter of the company. 

Check out their website for more about the company and products by clicking here: Aleavia and check out their Instagram: @alesviaskincare