Two Apps That Help Me Live A Non-Toxic Lifestyle


Did you know that most of the USA’s products are filled with extremely toxic ingredients? When I first decided to make the switch to an all green/natural and nontoxic lifestyle I had a hard time choosing truly clean products. Why? because mainstream companies market their products with all these words such as ‘Good for you ingredients, Natural’ , etc. and it can really confuse the untrained eye, not to mention trying to read the ingredients list label can get overwhelming with all these long gibberish words (which are usually the most toxic!)

Here are the two apps that practically saved me from continuing to fall for false advertisement and use products that hurt my wellness.

There is an application that you can download for free called Think Dirty, which allows you to scan product codes and get tons of info about the product, I do this every time I contemplate buying a new product in the store.Once you scan a product, it will generate a list of all the ingredients it contains, what they mean, and how toxic they are for you on a scale from 0 being the best and 10 the worst.  It also gives you an all around score between 0-10 of the overall toxicity of the product. Not only that, but the best part of the app is that it gives you alternatives of products to buy, you can click any of the suggested items and it usually takes you via Amazon.

Another free application that I use for day-to-day product knowledge is called Healthy Living, this app not only gives you the overall scale of products, but also for food! It works the same as Think Dirty, you can scan the item or search/browse for it. It is more organized with browsing section , you can go into browse, then choose what you are looking for down to the detail EX: Cosmetics -Hair-Styling – Detangler , crazy right?? So helpful!



These two apps really helped me become and me stay nontoxic within my beauty regime, household and everyday products! I hope they help you too if you choose to download them 🙂