Just Natural Product Review


 Hello green beauties ?

✨Today’s product review is Just Natural hair care.

✨They have sent me two of their products, I will get into after some background of the company;  
Just Natural is an organic , animal cruelty free hair product company which is a believer , like us green beauties that nature provides all of the ingredients we need and want??

✨What do they use to produce their amazing products you ask⁉️

Only the purest plant oils, butters, botanical extracts and essentials. Also their products and packaging are Eco- friendly??Their products are all hand made where possible therefore they are able to preserve the vital essences of the natural ingredients. 
✨Most mainstream Hair care products are made from synthetic and animal by- products. Yes, they can be effective, but they also do damage to your body and health as you can imagine … I will in the future do a toxicity post about a mainstream hair care company. But just know , that if its not organic, it contains TOXICS?

✨ I received the Dry Hair Treatment as well as the Proteins and Vitamins  Hair Treatment from Just Natural about almost three weeks ago and have been testing them both out.

➡️They work magic !!! ??

✨My hair is naturally kind of odd, it is straight/ wavy on the top yet super Sprite curly  on the bottom. It is very very dry as is my skin, and pretty fine ( although the the curls give it the illusion that it’s thick).

✨After the shower , I would pump a little product of the Proteins and Vitamins Hair Treatment into my hand, and make sure to rub the product onto the tip of my fingers so I could massage it onto my scalp. This product is enriched with as it says , protein and vitamin that literally feed your scalp what it needs and stimulate hair growth.  

once I spend about two minutes doing so and finished the product off my hands , I then pumped a bit of the Dry Hair Treatment into my palm and rubbed my hands together, then applied it all over the bottom part and ends of my hair. This product is enriched with all different kids of oils that are essential for dry hair , the oils penetrate to the hair and within time and regular use you will see your hair in better shape and healthier / not as dry. The oils also as create a coat around the hair protecting the it and creating that glossy rich look while not hardening the curls. 

Final product : 

✨My hair is styled half up in this picture but look at my curls ! Amazing , shining , and beautiful … I can say this is the happiest I’ve been with my hair and without compromising the environment or my body‼️☺️  

 ✨ I will keep posing hair photos on my Instagram so you can see how it looks in different styles as well ? 

✨ want to try out their products ? Which they have for all different kinds of hair that you could possibly think of, even for your puppy !! Go to their website: Just Natural Skincare and use coupon code ORGANICLIVING at checkout to save %5 off plus free shipping on orders over $75 USD ❗️? 

✨I highly recommend their goodies, can’t praise this company enough ?? 

Xoxo ?


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