Hello lovelies?

✨Today’s product review will be : BADGER’s Argan cleansing oil kit   

 ✨BADGER sent me over three items to review which included the Argan Face Cleansing Oil, the  Argan Face Oil, and the Argan Beauty Balm .☺️ They are animal cruelty free & organic ??

?  Argan oil benefits for dry skin and scalp, to maintain wrinkles at bay, and surprisingly to treat acne!  It really creates the hydration a skin needs ??

I received them last week and have been trying the process out since then. Every night I would go through the steps listed on the Cleansing Oil:

  ✨ On dry clean palms, at the end of the day I will get 3 pumps of the product and massage it gently all over my face. 

✨ Before this though I prepare a small wash cloth by soaking it in hot water so by the time I was finished massaging the product onto my face it was the right temperature and not too hot.

✨ I then place the warm towel onto my face and let it sit there for about one minute. (This allows the cleansing oil to really penetrate into the skin) 

✨ After that, I will use the same wash cloth to really gently remove the oil which also removes all of the dirt, makeup, etc. from the day that you had on your face.

✨ I then use the Argan Face Oil as a moisture treatment overnight along with the Beauty Balm   

✨ The face oil provides my dry skin with an amazing amount of moisture although I do not put it around my eyes which I really need (The skin under my eyes always needs a bit concealer and it is very frustrating sometimes because after a few hours the concealer will look dried up and cracked as a result of my skin being moisture thisty) THEREFORE – that’s why I love the Argan Beauty Balm

✨ After I have my face covered in the face oil, I wil then use the balm under my eyes. 

When I wake up  my skin is amazing‼️ it is filled with life and plump with moisture ! ( Don’t mix that up with an oily face ) my skin literally soaks in all of that oil during the nighttime that once I wake up it is ready for the morning routine (which would usually make it dry ) but now instead has a balance and my concealer I am pleased to report is not cracking anymore ❗️ 

✨ I also switched my concealer to the Au Naturale one which is super creamy and that helps too , I’m obsessed  with it ( If you are interested use the code LV4AN and get %25 off at checkout ??)  Au Naturale

✨ So everyone , I am very happy that I have found the perfect moisture balance thanks to BADGER Argan Oil products ? 

✨ Go check them out at : Badger 

Xoxo ?