Dr. Brite


 Hello lovelies! 

✨Today I want to finally share the results from my Dr. Brite Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen  ?? 

✨I recieved this product about three weeks ago and have been putting it to the test, as you can see , the results are pretty darn noticeable!   I am truly in awe looking at these two photos and the difference of whiteness of my teeth! I am actually a non coffee drinker, never had one in my life ? I rarely drink – mostly just on vacations, not on a regular basis at all. The one thing I do is drink tea . So, my teeth were pretty white to begin with , not much staining on them. Although clearly there was room for whitening !!! 

✨What I love the most about the Dr.Brite company is that for every purchase you make, they will provide oral care products that are toxic free such as theirs, to people in need. ??Not only that , but through the money made from your purchases, they maintain their grassroots educational programs teaching both children and adults about the importance of oral hygiene as well as how to be careful and mindful about the harmful ingredients that are found in everyday products❗️? And wait, that is not it just yet, they also donate a portion of their profits to plant trees and reforest out plants ???❗️

✨ They are animal cruelty free , gluten free, and women owned. 

I highly highly recommend Dr. Brite products , and they will also soon carry toothpaste , and mouthwash ?? 

Check out their Instagram: @Dr.brite  and also click here to get to their site: Dr.Brite.

  Shop smart, shop right. Make a change. 


Xoxo ?