Just Natural Hair Care 


✨ Hello lovelies ! 

Today I wanted to share my experience with my Just Natural hair care products . 

My hair is curly , dry , and thin. It takes a lot from a product for me to be able to brush my hair after the shower without half my hair gone .

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner of theirs for thicker hair for about 3 weeks now and although I can’t tell you if my hair has gotten thicker, I can tell you it’s manageable, smelling great, and when I get out the shower and brush my hair I will add on some of the Moisturizer Hair Pomade to my ends and once the curls are dry they look fabulous☺️

I also have been using the Dry Hair Treatment and Porteins & Vitamins Hair Treatment once every two weeks as a hair treatment over night. I will use the proteins and vitamins product all over my scalp and then use the dry hair product on top of everything , both my scalp and to the tip of my hair. I sleep with the product overnight and wash off in the morning. Let me tell you, my dry curls LOVE this treatment and always look shiny and bouncier the day after the treatment. I love feeding my scalp with all the proteins and vitamins it needs. 

Such as: jojoba, rice and soy proteins , and avocado, macadamia and kukui nut oils. ???

Check out their products! They’ve got products for all kinds of hair type? 

Just Natural
Xoxo ?