Good Medicine Beauty Lab



 ✨ Hey lovelies , this post is a bit overdue but here it is ☺️

✨ About a month back now , I have generously received  an amazing box filled with  beautifully packaged colored skin care products from Green Medicine Beauty Lab. I was immediately intrigued by all the different colors and as I was reading each product and what they were for on their site , I realized that the colors they chose are representing the body, mind , soul effects they have. 

✨On their site , each product has a description: the benefits it has on the mind, the body, and the soul. They go into details about the carefully chosen and blended ingredients and how together they work to generate the feeling represented in the coloring of the package. 

✨ For example , their Clarity Awakening Face Cream is blue in packaging  because:

“Floating in a sea of blue, Clarity calms the mind while giving a deep feeling of stability. The essential oil blend in Clarity moves us through the shadows within, lighting the heart with resolution, tranquility and inner strength. It gives us the strength to meet the day without regret or unworthy feelings. We use apple amounts of sage in this formula which is famous in desert lore for its use in native purification ceremonies to clear a toxic mind and heart. When dried burned and inhaled as smoke, it is believed to drive away unpleasant thoughts.” … Amazing right ? I personally can’t get enough of the product. ?

✨ Another of their product called Rain , a replenishing oil cleanser , and it is also multifunctional, just like many of their products which I’ll mentions later. Rain is packaged in the color lime green, representing all the green stems that the earth along with the rain creates , such as rose flower stems , which is one of the ingredients used in Rain – rose hip oils. This cleanser can be mixed with the Clarity face cream to create a deeper  moisturizer for the face during the brutal winter dry months. You can also use Rain with the Ashes Reincarnation Cleansing Grains to create a wonderful face mask/ exfoliant ??    

✨ Good Medicine Beauty Lab’s Honey Dew Youth Serum is one I use every night , and also one that can be mixed with the Clarity face cream for a deeper night time moisturizer. The orange color packaging symbolizes the honey which you can smell as soon as you massage it onto your skin. It is amazing and light enough for summer days when you want a less heavy face moisturizer. I personally mix my Gia Minerals Rosehip Oil with this Honey Dew Youth Serum for the perfect combination for my dry skin. 

✨ One of my all time favorite Good Medicine Beauty Lab products is their Honey Bee Blossoming Revelation Mask

 I use this product twice a week at least , and I am in love with it ! It is a simple , hydrating two minute mask that leaves my face feeling hydrated , fresh, and bright ! Here are the ingredients:

“Wild raw honey, organic aqueous tincture of wildcrafted desert sage, wildcrafted juniper berry, wildcrafted larrea, organic dandelion and organic alfalfa. Pure extracts of organic limes, organic aloe vera, glycerin, organic apple cider vinegar, citric acid, apple pectin, polyaminopropyl biguanide” … Umm yes please !!! ??

✨ Lastly, they sent me a tester of their Starry Eyes Brightening Eye Cream that I use and love. It is thick enough to truly moisten up my under eye skin and thin enough to mix it up with my concealer for a perfect combination. Definitely suggest this product as it helps with puffy eyes and circulation. 

✨ The two perfume samples they sent over were my first botanical organic , naturally made perfumes ?? so I am super thankful , it also helped that o LOVED the scents of both!  

 ?? Epoch ( the one on the left, lighter in color) is my favorite of the two, “A scent grounded in deep, earthy aromas while whispering soft elegant notes of sweet orange, tangerine and jasmine. It’s a sensual musk that blooms with sweet indulgence” It must be my favorite because there is jasmine inside and I love jasmine ??

??Mojo I find has a deeper scent and more exotic “This soft, warm fragrance is our signature blend. It’s subtle enough to wear every day but also sexy enough to transition into evening. It’s a well rounded, dynamic blend that combines the sensual aroma of desert roses with the soft warmth of Egyptian sandalwood. Notes of clove bud and cinnamon linger for a moment, adding a hint of spice” ahhh-mazing ! 

✨Good Medicine Beauty Lab truly exceeded my expectations and are just so thoughtful and detailed with the creations and mixtures and packaging of their products that it truly shows and makes using their products a much more rewarding experience. Their careful detailed explanations of their products and their exceptional customer service and enthusiasm is rare and I truly admire that. 

✨ Thank you Good Medicine Beauty Lab for allowing me the pleasure of indulging and trying your amazing products! Can’t wait to see what else you create ! ?

Xoxo ?