Mixology | Good Medicine Beauty Lab


 ✨Hello lovies !! Today I’ll share a beauty blend  of Good Medicine Beauty Lab products mixing  for a Lux Exfoliation for luminous skin ? 

✨The two products to mix ( instructions from the Good Medicine Beauty Lab packet) will be the SAND mineral polish with the ASHES reincarnation cleansing grains. 

✨ The Sand mineral polish has got wild harvested yucca root which is rich in saponins that I learned is a natural surfactant and emulsifier to help get rid of dead skin cells. It helps exfoliate and helps the skins pH balance. Other key ingredients in it are raw honey, and vetiver. ?

✨ The Ashes reincarnation cleansing grains is a germicidal soap less cleanser. It’s powdered pearls help with age spots, discoloration, ease inflammation. It also helps hyper-pigmentation by “slowing down the melanin production in the skin”.  Amazing ❗️

✨ The combination of the two with a few drops of water created a fluffy exfoliating cleanse that smelled amazing and felt so relaxing ! Together they help exfoliate , brighten, clear and balance the skin. 

 ✨ Add a dab of Sand, and 1-2 drops of Ashes , with a few drops of water and mix together , massage on your face and let sit for a few minutes , wash with warm water and enjoy the smooth , soft skin you’re in ?.  

 ✨ Hope you enjoyed and there is plenty more mixology recipes to come ??? love how the Good Medicine Beauty Lab products have multipurpose use and can be mixed and matched with one another for different uses. So awesome???

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