Got Laundry? Use HEX Performance


A chore we all have in common is laundry!

Everyone has to get it done. I have partnered up with HEX Performance and today I will share with you why you should do your laundry using their products!

HEX laundry detergentHEX laundry detergent


  • Did you know 60% of clothes are now synthetic, and the mainstream detergents aren’t truly created for use on synthetic fabrics. This is where HEX began their journey through innovative science which has to do with bacteria.
    • The bacteria is the cause of our sweat being so darn stinky! So how does the stink take over? HEX explains it very well; “Body odor is caused when the bacteria that lives on your skin digests sweat, and that smelly bacteria is what gets trapped in fabrics.”
  • HEX also explains that traditional detergents were ultimately designed for traditional fabrics which are cotton and linen. Since performance gear (workout clothes) have gotten super tech savvy over the past few years, with dry tech, sweat proof, or what not, traditional detergents just can’t do the job of a thorough cleanse. They do not target the bacteria, but rather use a ton of fragrance, dyes, and fillers to mask the odor that actually never left your workout gear, or everyday clothes.
  • HEX laundry detergent
  • Have you ever wondered why laundry detergents are so gooey, and colorful? Well, that is the dyes and fillers for show. To make it ‘pretty’ yet it’s actually making it oh-so-ugly for both our health, our environment, and our clothes! How the clothes? those fillers and dyes end up clogging the fabric. How the our health? Simply: harsh chemicals are toxic to us, and the environment. How the environment? because the water our washing machines used that’s mixed with our detergent goes right down to our local waterways, and that gooey and colorful detergent ends up sticking to them.
  • On the other hand, you see HEX? this formula is almost completely clear, and when I poured it out I was not expecting it to pour out fast like water! I thought it would be slow, and again, gooey, like the rest of the detergents. But because there are no dyes, and  no fillers, its clean, and pure, and flows like water!

About HEX:

The way this company began is so inspiring , the founder faced an insoluble issue, which he then made a solution for through collaboration, dedication, hard work, and passion! Read about their story here.

  • Their product is packed into an eco-friendly bag, and it’s super cute too! HEX laundry detergent
  • They have two different detergents, one which I prefer over the other simply due to fragrance. The grey colored detergent has a ‘Fresh Scent’ to it, which means, fragrance in the ingredients. I am one to always try and avoid and product that contains perfume or fragrance within, although, others may not mind! And that’s totally cool dude (Insert sea turtle voice from Finding Nemo movie!). In fact, HEX Performance makes sure to not use dyes, harsh fragrances, optical brighteners, or fillers. Their ingredients comply with the strictest retail environmental requirements. They other detergent is the ‘Free + Clear’, which is the one I prefer as there is no fragrance involved 🙂
  • From HEX Performance website: “qBxKAUttgIw7bhv7AtaaXGnKRHuKmqeFNWgsvEpsKlrvFf6sRh4oYKmpRczu2e0Ilhnis3kgV6XZWdoIPQeMaXRCEIp4pAX71KL2rwADABLWu3xg3TWAAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC

    Whole Foods Market® developed a testing and rating system to ensure they only carry the most sustainable and eco-friendly products. With strict ingredient requirements for cleaning products, the Whole Foods Market Eco-Scale™ is a tough test to pass. But we’re proud to say that HEX Advanced Laundry Detergent and HEX On Demand+ Spray & Go passed that test! Their standards were met and HEX products can be found in Whole Foods Market®.” – I’d say that’s huge!

    My Experience Using HEX Performance

    I have tried all four detergents from HEX, the Advanced Laundry Detergent – Fresh Clean Scent, the Advanced Single Dose Detergent – Fresh Clean ScentHEX laundry detergentHEX laundry detergent
    , the Advanced Laundry Detergent – Free + Clear , and the Advanced Single Dose Detergent – Free + Clear . As I said before, I was instantly impressed with the clarity, and consistency of the product. Flow’s like water and looks almost crystal clear. I love it that there are two options, a liquid and a single dose! They are both so easy to use though, and durable!
    Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.39.36 PM

    The liquid packaging has handles you can hold the product by and not worry about breaking as they are built into the packaging. It also has an easy push down system to get the detergent out with a cap as the measuring cup! The single dose bag can be sealed back up, and is super handy when you’re in a rush to just throw one into the washer and get on with your day!HEX laundry detergentHEX laundry detergent

    Also as I mentioned, I personally prefer the Free + Clear duo as it is fragrance free and therefore safer. I did try both of them out, and let me tell you, they can talk the talk but they definitely can also walk the walk! AMAZING! My workout clothes were feeling so good, and legitimately, looked cleaner and fresher than when I first bought them. I do have to say, the Fresh Clean scent smells soooo good!

    Overall, I highly recommend using HEX PERFORMANCE for your laundry, especially if you are an active person like me! Most of my laundry these days is my workout gear, and this laundry detergent is the perfect solution to keep clean, eco-friendly, and safe.

    You can find HEX at Wegmans, Shaws, Hannaford, select Targets, and Amazon! They’re basically taking over, so you might as well get ahead of the game and switch over :p



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