Sunday @ home spa day’s


Hello everyone ❗️ Happy Sunday ?

Sunday’s for me are at home spa day’s along with getting my studying and homework done✨ 

The mud mask I am using is one that I have been using ever since I got back from Israel in July. It’s from the company Aroma Dead Sea and this specific one is named “Vitamin C Age Control” and is targeted for dry skin like mine. ? It’s a vitamin C filled mask for dry skin that promotes cell turnover and rejuvenation. It is for age control (even though I am only 23, it is important to preserve the skin you have before it begin to show signs of aging?).

This mask promotes healing and regeneration of the skin by import in blood flow and removing dead cells. It includes many of the Dead Sea minerals (this is where I bought it from) along with the perfect amount moisture. ?

When I take this mask off my skin feels amazingly smooth and renewed ??  I then take an ice cube and run it over my entire face once to close up those pores❗️ ? You can shop their products online at:

Hope you enjoyed the post! Now time for me to get to studying ??