Coconut Oil = Life


Hey lovies ? 

So let’s talk coconut oil shall we?? Ever since I about four years ago , I’ve been using coconut oil almost everyday. I used to buy it from either Whole Foods , Trader Joe’s, or anywhere as long as is was cold pressed and organic. 

What do I use it for? 

1. Makeup removal.

2. Night time facial/ whole body moisturizer.

3. Once a week sleep with it on my hair as hair mask. 

4. Cooking. 

5. Teeth whitening.

6. Tanning.

And plenty more ! 

✨Now I’ve found the perfect raw, organic, cold pressed coconut oil company to buy from called Kapuluan Coconut.  Their companies objective is simply pure and all about giving back to the world; and so in order to improve the livelihood of coconut farmers while planting a palm tree in the Philippines ? each time they sell their coconut oil (which is obviously superb) ?? ? 

I highly highly recommend buying your coconut oil products from them‼️ 

Check out their Instagram: kapuluancoconut

Xoxo ?