Besides Instagram & Netflix, there’s a few other worthy applications your phones should have if you are a traveler to make life ‘fly’ by (pun intended).

Planning + booking your flight:

Google flights

We know there are tons of flight apps out there right now,  and yet we can safely say that Google Flights is one to add to your phone. Not only does it give you the usual best prices and offers, it also advises you based on  previous years’ data – by how much prices will rise if you wait. Even if you are just looking for a getaway with no idea where to go – use the “Explore Map” feature. Type up a region of where you would potentially like to go —your return city, length of stay —and a map of the world will appear showing you cheapest flights available to different locations.

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Skiplagged is for those who are traveling light (best  with only a carry-on luggage) and want to save some money.  With this app you can take advantage of “hidden city flights”. What does that mean? You’ll be getting off at a layover as your final destination. When you use Skiplagged, you’ll enter where you are wanting to go and it  will then show you both the cost of a direct flight, and also any cheaper “hidden city” flights that have your desired destination as a layover.

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TripIt monitors airport security wait times so you can plan how soon you need to leave for the airport. The app also tracks your flight status in real-time so you can share with whoever is picking you up from the airport.

At the Airport:

Mobile pass

Mobile Passport is a fairly new program but one worth trying! It will allow  U.S. Citizens and Canadian visitors to speed up the entry into the U.S. One of the best perks of Mobile Pass is that you can create profiles for your family, and they’ll all receive their own QR code to go through immigration alongside you!

Right now there are only 24 airports / seaports that are set-up with the program, so just be sure to check to make sure that your point of entry into the U.S. is on this list before attempting to use it.

PS: Don’t forget to actually bring your physical passport around, as the app doesn’t replace that!


This app is a worldwide airport savior! It helps you make the most of a long layover or flight delay. FLIO provides you with loads of information about airports –  terminal maps, services offered, Wi-Fi networks, lounges, transit options, where to eat,  it even has a boarding pass scanner, a flight tracker and directions to shuttle buses!

App in the Air

App in the air keeps track of your itineraries, boarding passes, frequent-flier accounts. You can track your boarding and landing times by just punching in your flights number and not only that but also keep updated on current waiting line times for check-in, security, and customs!  The app even works offline so if there is a gate change or a flight update status, it will be texted to you via SMS requiring no data roaming.

At your travel destination:

WiFi Map

Roaming data rates will cost you a fortune – with  WiFi Map you will have access to GPS locations and login details (downloadable for offline use) to  free Wi-Fi networks across the globe! You will be able to search by location, or select the nearest available network. Staying connected just got a whole lot easier!

XE Currency

Never struggle again trying to figure out currency conversion with this app. XE Currency supports pretty much every national currency used worldwide, with the epic ability to track up to 10 simultaneously. The rates are always updated and the best part is that the app will save your history (the rates of currencies you’ve looked up), so that they stay available offline!

WHA (Work Hard Anywhere)

WHA will help you find co-working space and cafe’s with wifi. Not only that but it will  break down the information for you with how many seats are open with plugs/outlets in reach and how well the wifi connection is. If there is available parking, if there is food, and if so what the average cost is. Currently, there have over 7800 workspaces across more than 1700 cities from 80+ countries in their database.


CityMapper is a public transit app and mapping service in one. It has massive amounts of data for all urban modes of transportation. It covers information for walking, cycling, and driving to and from  public transport. It is a pretty handy tool when you want to save money using public transportation.


If you do not already know – you MUST know. WhatsApp absolutely saves you from the brutal costs roaming rates for SMS, voice/video calls, and mobile data if you’re traveling abroad. With WhatsApp , as long as you have WIFI connection, you have access to send messages, photos, voice clips, and even full voice and video calls to others who also use the app for FREE!

Hotel Tonight

This app is perfect for any last minute trips or change of plans in location.  Hotel Tonight specializes in providing you same same-day hotel reservations, and almost always at a discount price because hotels rather fill up a room for less than having empty room! It does  has options to book a little in advance too.

Google Translate

Ever tried ordering food at a country that has no English menu? Google Translate  can convert words, phrases and short sentences from one language to another with a simple camera snap from your phone! You go into the app, pick an input language and an output language, and then either type, speak, or snap a photo of your message. The app has over 103 languages available for translation with a data connection, 59 languages offline, 37 languages in camera mode, and 32 languages for live, two-way voice translations –  awkward hand gestures – be gone!

Lonely Planet

Already at your destination and wanting to explore?  Lonely Planet app has insight and advice, as well as travel experiences you can book through third parties.

I hope these help you out on your next adventure!